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Chapter 1 Kongchenzi Great Fairy and the Donkey

The heavy snow flew, everything at the end of the sky was dyed white.

Between the white mountains and ridges of Laoshan Mountain, along the winding path winding up the mountain, a Taoist temple is located halfway up the mountain, called Yuntian Temple.

Yuntian Temple seems to be a little old, but Taoist priests in Guannei should be in a bit of embarrassment. Taoist Temple has fallen into disrepair for a long time. It leaks from all sides in the cold wind. There is an incense burner under the pine tree in front of the main hall. The incense has not been lit for a long time. The Taoist priest inside hadn’t put incense on the Taoist priest in the temple for a long time, and was extremely lazy.

In the quiet room of the side room, a little Taoist priest was sitting cross-legged wrapped in a quilt on a kang head that was not of very good level.


“Cut off mundane thoughts!”

“Jing Song Huang Ting!”

“Bigu for immortality!”

“Goo!” A long voice radiated from the quilt. The abdomen is empty and hungry is unbearable, even if the mouth is pretentious, the body is still very honest.

Gao Xian squatted her mouth, and threw the Taoist script aside, tightly wrapped in the quilt.


At this time, a cold wind blew, and the window blocked by the hay leaked again. After blowing high envy, my neck became cold, and I couldn’t help but shiver.

The Taoist’s name was Gao Xian, and he looked only fifteen or sixteen. The strange thing was that there was a mark between his brows, which made people feel extraordinary at first sight.

Gao Xian’s eyebrow mark can sense the special thing between heaven and earth, and seal it to a protector god.

This god was sealed by Gao Xian, so he was stamped with Gao Xian’s mark, and could not escape Gao Xian’s manipulation.

However, Gao Xian searched the entire Laoshan Mountain and only sealed two Dharma protectors. Winter came, and Gao Xian was afraid of the cold, so he hid in the temple, waiting for the beginning of spring.

Lazily got out of the bed, Gao Xian immediately bent down and hugged his hands and walked into the stove room with small steps.

The stove room was empty, and the dried vegetables and bacon had been swept away long ago, leaving only rows of hanging ropes and empty jars.

He opened the cylinder head and saw Hulu Gua do scoop inclined in the cylinder, a non- all, high-envy his face suddenly changed: “What corn also finished surface?.”

Gao Xian set up the window and looked into the hayloft next door, where he could see a greasy and black donkey tied inside.

Hearing the sound, the donkey jumped up and looked at Gao Xian in horror, just to meet his hungry eyes.

Immediately I saw the donkey standing on tiptoe like a human, and the whole donkey began to tremble .

Gao Xian’s first edict was the donkey protector, and he was also a protector god with the highest intelligence. He was even able to speak, and was cunning by nature, incomparable to another protector god who was transformed into a dead thing.

However, from Gao Xian’s gaze, it has been dead soon.

In the donkey shed, Gao Xian’s hand brushed the smooth and shiny fur of the donkey, and he could feel the donkey’s panic. White gas came out of both nostrils and weird whimpers.

“It’s all so fat, I don’t eat less on weekdays! I said there is no turf in the radius.”

Gao Xian’s expression suddenly changed, and he yelled at him, “Well, you evildoer, so disrupting the cycle of heaven and earth, how can the poor way tolerate you.”

“Today, the poor road will kill the demons and defend the road, and take you for God.”

Looking at the fat and oily donkey, Gao Xian wanted to kill it and make it into bacon, which might be able to survive this cold winter.

The donkey’s front hoofs knelt down suddenly, and he even started talking human words: “Kong Chenzi, the turf is gone because the sky is freezing, it’s not the little donkey’s fault! Please spare the little donkey’s life, old man! !”

The Taoist name of Kong Chenzi was given to him by a master of Yuntian View. It is said that the old Taoist came from a certain family, and he spent his entire life practicing the Taoism and traveled all over the mountains and rivers of Kyushu. Although he saw some weird things and weird people, but also It’s just that, it seems that there is probably no real person who cultivates immortality and attains Taoism in this world.

Finally, when the old way sits down, the last sentence is left.

“At the end of the search, it is empty, and your whole life is like dust. You will be called Kongchen from now on. Don’t try to learn from me again and seek the illusory avenue.”

“The mountain is lonely and bitter, if you can’t keep it, go down the mountain to marry a wife and have children!”

Then, let go.

The little Taoist was crying, and when he woke up, he changed to another person, and only then did he have Gao Xian later.

Gao Xian sighed and sat on the hay to reason with the donkey.

“Donkey! Donkey! Poor Dao doesn’t want to eat you!”

“Unfortunately, in the view of firewood food and drink, hungry and cold, you sooner or later I have to starve together, together with its hungry dead is better to die you a, you are also highly meritorious ah.”

The donkey hurriedly said: “Daxian! Even if you eat it, I won’t be able to support it for long. It’s better to keep me. The little donkey can be a riding mount to bring out the fairy style of Daxian.”

“The city of Gongzhou is rich under the mountain, why not take a walk down the mountain.”

Kong Chenzi Gao Xian felt reasonable. Although the weather was too cold, the mountains really couldn’t survive. Gao Xian Wodong’s plan didn’t seem to work.

“Yes, I have been painstakingly cultivating the Tao for a year. It’s time to go down the mountain and kill the demons, and Kuang right now.”

“Wish to be driven by Daxian.”

The decision to go down the mountain was hasty, but the trip took place quickly, because it was really poor and white.

Gao Xian packed up a few broken robes, wrote the Taoist scriptures in twos, and finally swept away a few pieces of dry food in front of the Taoist statue, and then set off.

Grabbing a short blade on the head of the bed, the streamer reflected the surface, Gao Xian drew the sword out of its sheath, the smooth blade reflected the clean face of Gao Xian with the bonus of a young man, and a faint trace revealed a trail of marks. The meaning of stock coming out of dust.

The divine sword whispered, moving on its own, coiling around Gao Xian’s side, like a dragon.

This is the Azure Dragon Guardian, which is formed from a Azure Dragon Sword. It’s just that the spiritual wisdom and the donkey guardian are incomparable, and can only convey some simple emotions.

However, as the protector himself practiced, his spiritual wisdom and his own magical powers are constantly growing, and I hope that one day he will be able to exceed Gao Xian’s imagination.

“Last night there was a vision, and the poor Dao pinched and counted, there will be a demon born, and he will go down the mountain to save the lives of the people in Li.”

“Crystal Dragon Guardian, it’s time for you to become famous all over the world.”

Of course, it is also necessary to receive a sum of money for repairing the Taoist temple and sculpting the golden body for the Taoist priest when removing the devil and defending the Tao.

Gao Xian put the Azure Dragon Sword in his sleeve, from the outside there was no way to see the murder inside.

“Where is the general donkey guardian?” Gao Xian shouted loudly.

“General Donkey is here.” The donkey ran out from behind, crawling in front of Gao Xian.

There was snow in the world, Gao Xian grabbed the clothes and draped on him, locked the gate, rode on the donkey and went down the mountain.

In the heavy snow, the Taoist priest sang on a donkey.

“Ren Pingsheng if a misty rain.”

“The Tao is neither sunny nor wind.”


The sky and the earth are covered in white, and under the falling snow, a picture of the great fairy riding a donkey down the mountain is formed.

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