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Chapter 1 (Imperial Merchant’s Little Chef)

There are many ways to make people feel happy in life. Tasting food is one of them. Whether itโ€™s a high-end restaurant or a roadside snack, as long as the food is delicious, At the moment of entrance, I must be able to feel happiness.

When this delicacy is cooked by someone who is important to you, even your own, with your own taste, you will definitely feel more happy.

In addition to tasting food in person, the editor also likes the works that combine daily life and food, such as “Late Night Canteen”, “Yesterday’s Food”, “The Great Master”, etc., simple daily life, and various things in ordinary life. This kind of taste, coupled with all kinds of delicacies, seems to be able to feel the deliciousness and touch like the characters in it.

The same is true of Jian Xun’s “The Little Chef of the Imperial Merchant”. The heroine Jiang Jishi opened a canteen in her home, but she had no successors. Her father and younger brother wanted to take the imperial examination, so she was driven off the shelves. , Took over this canteen to support the family’s livelihood from his grandparents.

She also has the talent, and quickly learned a good cooking skill, and managed the canteen very well. Although she can’t make money, she can at least maintain the food and clothing of her family. Therefore, she is very grateful to the customers who often come to the canteen to consume. , And even honour those acquaintances who are generous in his heart with a “God of Wealth”.

The protagonist Zhu Zijin is Jiang Jishiโ€™s greatest God of Wealth. Who makes him an emperor, he has no worries about food and clothing, and he is a big family, but he is not abandoning her familyโ€™s early days to report every day. He always gives a golden bead for the meal. Who doesn’t love such a good guest?

Jiang Jishi, who is beautifully counting silver, did not know that she and Zhu Zijin’s fate started long ago, and now she sells biscuits, fried dough, buns and so on. She was married ten years ago because of “baozi.” .

Want to know where the fate of the two came from, and how did they achieve a marriage? Could it be that Jiang Jishi cooked the delicious food earlier? Or are there any other unknown secrets and the past? Quickly turn to the next page and taste this happy story full of food and love~

At the time of the day, the fire in the Jiang’s canteen is already burning-often in and out of East City Everyone knows that the Jiangโ€™s Canteen was the first to open.

The things they sell are simple and simple, such as white porridge, fried dough sticks, biscuits, steamed buns, and a few pickled vegetables, but they are not simple, and the taste is really unusual. The white porridge is lubricated with rice fragrant, without a burnt taste, and the fried dough sticks are crispy and not too hard. The biscuits are chewy as soon as you bite them down. The steamed buns are soft and white. The most popular pickled vegetables is the osmanthus cabbage, which is fresh and crisp, and very appetizing. There are other kinds of pickled eggplants, sauced basil, vinegar cucumbers, etc., which are also early risers. Favorite.

Twenty-year-old Jiang Jishi stirred it neatly in the white porridge pot with a large ladle in his hand.

Jiang Jishi has a beautiful face and a pleasant smile. If she wears makeup, she will look cute. It is a pity that a scar on her left forehead has broken her face, so she has not married yet.

Jiang Jishiโ€™s father was named Jiang Dafu, a scholar from an ordinary family. When he was young, he traveled to Jiangnan with his friends, and had a good relationship with a fisher girl in the local area. When he was in love, all kinds of sweet words were not a problem. The fisher girl was pregnant, but Jiang Dafu was pregnant. Leaving back to Beijing.

The fisher girl has a daughter. The mother and daughter live by fishing and picking lotus by the lake. The daughter did not go to the account, so she called the girl. So she lived until the girl was ten years old, and Jiang Dafu sent someone to pick it up. .

The fisher girl was naturally very happy, and went back to the capital with the people sent by the Jiang family.

Later, I learned that it was Jiang Dafu who was seriously ill. After seeing many doctors, he was not good at it. There was a tendency to quickly fail. Old man Jiang had no choice but to invite the monk to see. The monk counted. Oh, this uncle is ill-fated. , Virtue is impaired, and Yangshou has been compromised. Did you do something wrong and didn’t make good compensation for others?

Under the persecution of his parents, Jiang Dafu revealed that when he was young, he had let down a Jiangnan fisher girl, whose surname was You, who lived in Youjia Village.

When the Jiang family heard what the great monk said, it was reasonable, otherwise it was unreasonable, but at a young age but suffering from illness. When he asked about the residence of You’s family, he immediately asked his relatives to pick him up, and promised that he would give her aunt.

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