Month: January 2020

Performing under Pressure

Description: Too much to do and not enough time? Then this book is for you. Working under pressure reduces productivity, threatens effectiveness, creativity and results and does neither individual nor organisation any good. Here why this occurs is reviewed as… Read More ›

Chapter 1 Awards, Marriage

Dongchen Kingdom Jingyang four-year spring The man who was kneeling on the ground at the moment in the courtyard covered with bluestone slabs in the General Mansion of Zhenbei. A father-in-law wearing a blue round-neck robe, a blue gauze cap,… Read More ›

Chapter 10 Kyphosis

“Just say that I’m going on a business trip.” After hanging up the phone, Qi Xia touched her stomach in annoyance, thinking, God, you have to make me pregnant, otherwise, my sacrifice will be too great! When she returned to… Read More ›

Chapter 9 Helian’s wall

Helian Cheng coldly watched as Helian Bi walked away with Qi Xia in his arms, ordering the bodyguards behind him, “Watch carefully.” He then ordered his assistant, Lu Zihao, “Transfer the surveillance footage from the lobby to my office.” He… Read More ›

Chapter 6 Express

Didn’t he just borrow the Cowherd’s coat? Was there a need to make it sound so bad! Qi Xia was furious! She immediately called for the express delivery company. At noon that day, Shaojinhan received a parcel from Qi Xia…. Read More ›

Chapter 4 Escape

The more Qi Xia thought about it, the more she felt that this idea was feasible. Looking at the date, she was in a dangerous period and there were already men here. Then don’t worry about his genes. This was… Read More ›