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Mr. Huo loves to the deepest

Mr. Huo loves to the deepest
Other names: 霍先生爱到最深处
Author: Liuyun Libai
Genre: Novel
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


Huo Subai is a professor of male god in Fu Weiliang’s freshman year, the founder of a low-key and mysterious multinational group, with a deep background and a wealthy side. But when she was betrayed and her family business was in danger, she proposed to her because he needed a wife at this time. 21-year-old Fu Weiliang had no choice but to marry 31-year-old Huo Subai. The two agreed that they would not interfere with each other after marriage, and they would break up after achieving their goals. After marriage, Mr. Huo will get up early to make breakfast for her and tell her bedtime stories at night. She was bullied by the former junior, and Mr. Huo will make plans to help her bully back. If everything is okay, Mr. Huo hugs and kisses her…


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