Zutto Kitto

During high school, Hamura hurt Jin with the lowest of words and the most foolish of actions. Having regretted this ever since, his only wish is that they can be reunited. But when it finally happens…

College student Hamura Yuzuki is a track-and-field athlete who has competed at the National Championship level during middle and senior high school. However, he focuses strictly on pole-vaulting, to the detriment of his team. This is due to a casual comment by Akishima Jin, a fellow athlete with whom he parted ways after graduation, about the sky being the means through which they are connected. He cannot forget Jin or detach from their past, and this causes problems with his girlfriend, one of which leads to a coincidental reunion with his obsession.

Zutto Kitto
Alternative Name: Now and Forever Zutto Ki,mi to Zutto Tonari de, ずっときっと, ずっときみ,と ずっととなりで
Genre: Drama, romance
Author: Namie Shizuku
Release: N/A
Status: Completed

Categories: Comic, Manga

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