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The black-bellied president is very paranoid, and depends on his wife

The black-bellied president is very paranoid, and depends on his wife
Other names: 腹黑总裁很偏执,赖上娇妻
Author: seventy-eight blame
Genre: President novel, romance
Release: Updating
Status: Ongoing


A man was 5 years old and a woman was 4 years old. A man cried miserably and threw himself in the arms of a woman, “Ran… Ranran, he bullied me, wow…” Justice went to avenge a certain man, but a certain man who threw himself into a certain woman’s arms laughed slyly and successfully drove away a love rival. A man was 18 years old, a woman was 17 years old, and a man wore Gao and woman’s heads. She threw herself in the arms of a certain woman, and said miserably, “Ran Ran, they said that although I look good, there will never be anyone willing to be my coward’s girlfriend, um…”.

The woman told him very righteously, “I will be your girlfriend from now on.” A certain man was happy in his heart, yeah, successfully driving away a large number of rivals. However, when one of the misunderstandings struck, Lu Tingshen became who he was, and An Ranran hated Lu Ting deeply. How should this childhood love be continued……….


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