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V5 Crossing: Only Love the Queen of Ghost Eyes

“V5 Crossing: Only Love the Queen of Ghost Eyes”
Other names: v5穿越:只爱鬼眼王妃
Author: according to Xin
Genre:  History
Release: Updating
Status: Ongoing


She has no father and no mother, is addicted to money like fate, narcissistic, arrogant, likes to boast, likes beautiful men, is greedy for life and fear of death, love is zero, and full of scorn, but she has a pair of yin and yang eyes, but because of poor character , I was often cursed to death by ghosts. I didn’t expect that the curse really manifested one day. She really died, and there was a magnificent crossing! What? The close-fitting maid crawled on her head?

What? The brothel girl was dragged by her? What? The enchanting husband is like a ghost? I rely on, see how the old lady cleans up you, let you see how powerful the yin and yang eyes are! But, she didn’t expect it, it was just dancing, making food, poems, playing poems, playing beautiful eyebrows, Stealing jewels and catching handsome ghosts is nothing more!

But because of this, he provokes the enchanting mate who is so handsome and angry?! From then on, her sad life began, and he was so perverted to the extreme that he would criticize her at every turn, despise her, and torture her. She, disdain her?! Fuck me, can you hide it if you can’t provoke it? Pack your things and go away! But what caught her off guard was that the enchanting partner who didn’t want to see her actually came after him and threatened to take it. She is just right? What else to say, to be famous and real?! Oh Karma, what happened to this god?!


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