Naive Lu Chapter 15

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After learning that Lu Zhiqing had framed her brother, Lu Dingning thought about finding a chance to meet him. And by the way, see if this person is related to her brother’s disappearance.

According to Lu Dingning’s speculation, if something happens to her brother and she cannot return to the country, the inheritance rights of the Lu family’s property and RM will inevitably fall on the step-children.

According to the character speculations of the best brothers and sisters learned from Ruan Xiyuan, it is not impossible for them to kidnap and tear tickets for the property of the Lu family!

Unexpectedly, bumped into this villa!

At this moment, Lu Dingning lowered his eyelids to cover up the flash of light under his eyes…

“Xiaoxin, don’t cry!”

“Brother assure you, I will definitely make Lu Yining pay the price of blood and tears.”

“Relax Didn’t he also plant it in my hands before? The old man also reprimanded him for that matter? Wait, this Qiu brother will definitely help you!”

Lu Dingning, who stepped closer to Lu Zhiqing, also He began to hear clearly what he said to the person on the other end of the phone.

From these words, Lu Dingning more and more confirmed the identity of this person.

Lu Dingning, who approached Lu Zhiqing, found a little bit more.

That was before Ruan Xiyuan said that her brother beat Lu Zhiqing with a bruised nose, and was also scolded by Lu Guohua. This may be one of the reasons why the real Lu Yining ran away from home.

It stands to reason that if her brother really beat Lu Zhiqing with a bruised nose and swollen face, it would be only a few days before her brother ran away from home. No matter how quickly Lu Zhiqing recovers, there should be a trace on his face.

But now, this man’s face is pure, how can there be a trace of it?

The evidence is conclusive.

Only now, even if this person is brought to Lu Guohua, she can’t change back to her brother.

After pondering for a while, Lu Dingning glanced at a rubbish stabbed on the side of the road.

There are a few bags of garbage that have not been taken away by sanitation workers.

Lu Dingning, who was staring at the bags of garbage, suddenly raised his lips and smiled, and then walked over…

but at this time, Lu Dingning, who was doing this, did not realize that a black Rolls Royce was slowly stopping not far away.

Sitting in the driver’s seat is Geng Qing dressed as a professional elite. On the back seat is Zong Jize in a black casual outfit.

Today, Zong Jize was invited here, saying it was a vacation. But in fact, some people want to curry favor with him while they are on vacation.

Therefore, Zong Jize is not very interested in this.

Even at the entrance of this villa, Zong Jize had the urge to make Geng Qing turn the car around.

But he didn’t want to, when he was about to speak, he suddenly found the white figure not far away.

At a certain moment, Zong Jize’s eyes suddenly narrowed like a falcon, as if aiming at a delicious prey.

“Stop!” The command came out of him unconsciously.

Geng Qing has always been efficient, and Zong Jize immediately stepped on the brakes as soon as he called.

It was just when he was about to get off the car and drive the door to Zong Jize, but he was scolded again: “Don’t move!”

“What’s wrong, Zong Shao?” Geng Qing was puzzled.

But when he looked up, Geng Qing also found the white slender and eye-catching figure not far away, walking towards the trash can.

At this time, Geng Qing also suddenly understood why Zong Jize had suddenly stopped.

But who can tell him what Lu Shao is doing?

It used to be said at the entrance of the hotel to eat Zong Shao, but now I picked up garbage in front of them! This is not Dubai!

That’s right, Lu Dingning suddenly approached the trash bin and suddenly picked up one of the bags that was not very full, and then opened it.

These should be the kitchen waste from the hotels in the villa. As soon as you open it, it tastes… not too sour!

So much so that Lu Dingning’s creases in his eyebrows could almost catch the fly.

What made Zong Jize and Geng Qing even more unexpected was that Lu Dingning still did not throw away the bag of rubbish, but walked in a certain direction with his face full of disgust…

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