Chapter 9 Don’t be afraid, I didn’t bring a ruler!

next morning, Lu Dingning and Lu Guohua had breakfast together on the dining table.

Lu Dingning eats slowly, and there is a sense of luxury that ordinary people do not have in the elegance.

Even Lu Guohua feels that her food is very eye-catching.


Lu Guohua suddenly called her when Lu Dingning was enjoying herself.

“Huh?” Lu Dingning looked up after the elegant food in his mouth.

“Tonight, Zhuo Nuo Group will hold a charity party. This is an invitation letter, and you will attend for me instead!”

Lu Guohua handed her a bronzing invitation letter.

Lu Dingning didn’t even look closely, and accepted the invitation letter.

As for the four words “Zuo Nuo Group” mentioned by Lu Guohua just now, she only felt a little familiar.

Just when Lu Dingning was thinking about this, Lu Guohua already gave the answer: “Take advantage of the charity party, you find a chance to contact Zong Jize.”

Lu Dingning:

She finally knows the inexplicable familiarity Where does the sense come from.

But even if there are hundreds of people who are unwilling to contact Zong Jize again, Lu Dingning can only respond.

Because, she agreed to help her father Lu Guohua guard the RM. Moreover, she felt that her brother’s disappearance was probably related to this young master Zong.

You think, Zhuo Nuo mobile phone is currently the world’s number one mobile phone brand. There are definitely too many merchant software brands that want to collaborate with Zhuonuo Mobile to develop various projects.

Therefore, Lu Dingning speculates that another reason for her brother’s disappearance may be related to the company’s competition…

The Jin family, who is also working on chat software and competing for market share, may tie up or assassinate her brother. So the opponent who is competing with Zhuo Nuo mobile phone is also possible to shoot her brother!

Even Zong Jize himself is possible.

It’s just that Lu Dingning, who has just arrived in the Imperial City, has not seen her brother’s other competitors, and can only start from Zong Jize’s side.

Let ‘s see if she can take the opportunity to meet other competitors… So, even if there is no charity party for Zhuo Nuo tonight, she will find Zong Jize to contact.

As soon as he entered the lobby of the hotel where Zhuo Nuo Group held the charity party, Ruan Xiyuan began to lower his voice and talk to Lu Dingning about the degree of cooperation before and what she should pay attention to next.

“I know.” After Lu Dingning responded, he looked up and looked around.

“Want to go to the bathroom again? Not just now…” Didn’t you just go to the bathroom?

But there are some things that Ruan Xiyuan can’t make too obvious.

In fact, Lu Dingning just wanted to go to the bathroom and put her “egg”.

Usually, there are no prominent male characteristics, and no one pays attention.

But for a banquet like this, there are too many people with mixed eyes.

If something is discovered and then made a fuss about it, it will be troublesome.

So Lu Dingning, who had already aimed at the direction of the bathroom, didn’t say anything to Ruan Xiyuan, and walked quickly toward the direction of the bathroom sign.

In the single room of the men’s bathroom, Lu Dingning quickly tucked the soft ball into the crotch, put on his pants and walked out of the bathroom after he was sure that it was correct.

It’s just that Lu Dingning didn’t expect that, her mind was still wondering how to contact Zong Jize, and Zong Jize appeared!

Moreover, Zong Jize was standing in front of the urinal…

Lu Dingning did not expect that Zong Jize’s alertness was so good.

She just stared at him for no more than three seconds.

Zong Jize’s black pupils, which were sharper than eagles and falcons, immediately swept towards her.

At the moment when his eyes met, Lu Dingning was inexplicably panicked…

Although she was a male, she was essentially female. In addition, in country F before, she rarely went to public toilets, so she hardly encountered such embarrassing scenes.

In embarrassment, Lu Dingning looked down in a panic.

But after this shift,

I caught sight of Zong Jize’s… I don’t know if Lu Dingning’s gaze was poisonous, Zong Jize who was being stared at also quickly sorted out himself.

Seeing Zong Jize tidying up so quickly, Lu Dingning suddenly mumbled: “What are you afraid of? I don’t have a ruler!” As

soon as the voice fell, Zong Jize, who had arranged his clothes, suddenly walked towards Lu Dingning. .

His shots are fast, ruthless and accurate!

Suddenly, he pinched Lu Dingning’s slender neck.

It was like when the beast hunted its prey.

“What did you mean last time!”

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