Chapter 8 Zong Jize

At this time, Ruan Xiyuan has asked the driver to drive over the car. As soon as Lu Dingning turned around, he got into the car…

Lu Dingning patted his ass and left, leaving the man standing in front of the gate of the Caesar Hotel, staring at the landing Ding Ning’s vehicle, and suddenly asked: “Just now , What

did he say?” Around the seemingly no one, a man in a black suit suddenly appeared. This man is the first special assistant to Geng Qing in the Imperial City. Basically, the Emperor City people knew him well and nobody knew him!

It is because Geng Qing currently serves Zhuo Nuo Group and currently ranks the number one mobile phone company in the world. It is known for its super high work efficiency and the clan power behind the Zhuo Nuo Group.

It’s just that Geng Qing, who is also the number one person in front of others, nodded and bent over to the man in front of him, respectfully.

Because, the person in front is the president of Zhuo Nuo Group, Zong Jize, the person in charge of the Zong family!

“Shao Zong…”

Lu Dingning spoke clearly just now, as long as anyone who knows lips can understand what Lu Dingning said.

Unfortunately, Geng Qing also whispered.

So Zong Jize called him out just now.

Normally, Geng Qing would obey Zong Jize’s orders immediately.

But now, Geng Qing is hesitant.

“Say!” Zong Jize also expected that what Lu Dingning had just said was definitely not good. If not, I won’t run away after talking.

Zong Jize has an overwhelming advantage in momentum. Therefore, Geng Qing can only stubbornly translate what Lu Dingning said in his lips just now: “What Lu Yining said just now is that he will eat you up after watching him!”

Zong Jize:

Even if Lu Dingning had already prepared for what Lu Dingning said was not a good thing, Zong Jize was still so angry at the moment that he just wanted to catch the bastard back and beat him up.

At this time, Geng Qing looked at Zong Shao’s somber face. In this hot evening, it’s a relief!

“What did Ke Jialing tell you just now?” Ruan Xiyuan asked suddenly in the car going back.

“I didn’t say anything. Just made me forget her!” The driver was in the car, and Lu Dingning paid attention to his words and deeds.

“Then…how do you say?”

“I said she was overestimating herself! I didn’t plan to remember her at all…”

Ruan Xiyuan:

If it was someone else, Ruan Xiyuan would definitely sneer.

But Lu Dingning in the back seat was full of extravagance in his gestures. The temperament is much higher than that of Lu Yining.

If Lu Dingning and Ke Jialing are put together, no one thinks that Ke Jialing is worthy of her.

“By the way, who was the person at the entrance of the hotel just now?” When Xu knew that Ruan Xiyuan could not answer, Lu Dingning suddenly changed the subject.

“You ask Zong Jize?” Lu Dingning mentioned, Ruan Xiyuan thought of Zong Jize. Because, where Zong Jize is, his powerful aura will cover up the others, making people blind to others.

“He is the founder of Zhuo Nuo, which is currently the world’s number one mobile phone. It is also from this imperial city…” Ruan Xiyuan said with a thumbs up.

Lu Dingning: When

Ruan Xiyuan mentioned the name “Zong Jize” just now, Lu Dingning still felt a little familiar.

But when Ruan Xiyuan mentioned “Zuo Nuo mobile phone”, she immediately knew why she was so familiar.

Not only because Lu Guohua had mumbled in front of him this Zhuo Nuo cell phone and Zong Jize was the one who decided the life and death of RM. And because of this, Zong Jize, the founder of Zhuo Nuo mobile phone, is also a global sensation.

Even Lu Dingning, who is as far away as country F, often sees reports on Zhuo Nuo mobile phone and Zong Jize on his mobile phone and on TV financial news.

The Global Times also published a special issue of Zong Jize, titled “Zong Jize’s Zhuo Nuo mobile phone, leading mankind into a new era!”

But I have seen it in the news, and there is still a certain gap between it and reality. of. Furthermore. Lu Dingning never expected that she would accidentally meet Zong Jize, a great person who changed the times. So it was justifiable to fail to recognize it for a while.

At this time, Lu Dingning’s only rejoicing was that she just opened her mouth and didn’t say anything. In this way, the great man should not see what she said, right?

But for some reason, Lu Dingning always has an ominous hunch.

Therefore, Lu Dingning never spoke. The frowning brow has not been loosened.

Look handsome, even frowning is pleasing to the eye.

It’s just that Ruan Xiyuan doesn’t have the mood to appreciate Lu Dingning’s dynamism, because he thinks that Lu Dingning looks like what happened with Zong Jize.

It’s just that the driver is still in the car. Ruan Xiyuan is inconvenient to directly ask Lu Dingning, so he chooses to remain silent.

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