Chapter 7 I will eat you again if I look at it again!

Lu Dingning, who thought that today’s engagement banquet and his relationship would come to an end, took Ruan Xiyuan out of the Caesars Hotel and was waiting for the driver to come.

Unexpectedly, Ke Jialing chased it out.

“Yining…” Ke Jialing, dressed in white gauze, had two tears hanging on her delicate makeup face.

“I’ll wait for you over there!” Ruan Xiyuan saw that Ke Jialing had something to say to Lu Dingning, then gestured for her to deal with it carefully, then turned and left.

And Lu Dingning quietly handed Ruan Xiyuan an eye that I knew what to do, and then looked at Ke Jialing: “What else?”

Lu Dingning’s lazy voice, full of magnetism, also brought rejection to thousands of miles away Indifference.

This is Lu Dingning’s truest emotion.

Ke Jialing is a stranger to her.

But this kind of indifference didn’t know how it became a disguise in Ke Jialing’s eyes.

“Yining, I know that you hate me, so I came here to make a fuss about my engagement. But I really can’t do it… So, forget about me!”

“You are still young, you look so good, and you have a career. Prosperous. I believe…” I believe you will find a better girlfriend than me in the future.

Ke Jialing wanted to say that. But the rest of the conversation was not finished yet, and was interrupted by Lu Dingning’s light laughter.

Then, Ke Jialing heard Lu Dingning ask him: “Since I have so many points, do you think you are worthy of me?”

At this moment, Lu Dingning’s handsome eyebrows and the tenderness hidden in her eyes, like It is a poppy in full bloom. Seductive, and bewitching.

“Sorry, you really overestimated yourself!” Lu Dingning’s voice was still magnetic. But in this magnetic, it is more arrogant. Charming, but it also makes people’s backs cold.

It was also the moment when Lu Dingning’s voice fell, that Ke Jialing’s arrogance was shattered by her.

Embarrassment and humiliation, the heavy makeup on her face couldn’t hide her paleness.

But that humiliation, she can only grit her teeth under her eyes. Only his hands clung to the skirt to express his unwillingness.

Because, the RM family can’t afford the crime.

Even now that RM is going downhill, the lean camel is still bigger than the horse.

In the end, Ke Jialing could only carry the skirt and ran back to the hotel crying.

Seeing all the reflections of Ke Jialing in his eyes, Lu Dingning’s lips quietly aroused.

To be honest, this woman Lu Dingning can’t figure out how his brother can chew on the whole white lotus. I feel sick when I look at it!

Lu Dingning, who watched the woman leave with tears and tears, raised the corners of his lips like a devilish radian, but accidentally ran into a pair of black

pupils that were sharp like eagles and falcons … The man stared straight at Ding Ning.

Lu Dingning was not panicked by the real expression, but looked at the person who was staring at him.

That person has uniquely exquisite facial features. But the black pupil that impressed Lu Dingning the most, sharp and cold, can make you feel uncomfortable at a glance, just like being in an ice hole.

Ignoring the words in his eyes, this man is as elegant as a brother in the family. A navy blue shirt with cufflinks rolled up at will. The trousers are stiff and the long legs are charming.

He stopped at the door at will, and everything around him seemed to be automatically cut off. This is probably the aura of a person.

To be honest, even if Lu Dingning, who was accustomed to the elder brother of the noble family in Country F, has not seen anyone like him who has such a terrible aura!

Perhaps it is precisely because of this strong aura that makes Lu Dingning interested in this person.

Staring at the man, Lu Dingning suddenly smiled, and then she did an evil thing that she didn’t expect.

“Look, I’ll eat you!” She said this to the man with her mouth.

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