Chapter 6 If you don’t lift it, it’s sunny

Ke Jialing was blocked over there and couldn’t say anything, making Jin Shang’s face more gloomy.

How can a man look better when he hears that his future wife is about to use so many condoms with other men?

Jin Shang almost couldn’t help but blast his hands, already raising his hands.

But when all ideas were turned into practical actions, Lu Dingning’s calm and calm words stopped him: “Jin Shao, this is a day for you. If you do it, it will ruin your own engagement banquet. It will be you too!”

Lu Dingning’s lips were impeccable during the whole process.

This made those around who could not hear the conversation between the two think what Lu Dingning sent them. It also allows those who are waiting to watch the drama to dispel the thought.

As for Jin Shang, no matter how angry he is, he dare not really vent it. Just like Lu Dingning said, today is his day of great joy, if he does it, he will lose!

Seeing Jin Shang gradually receding his anger, Lu Dingning felt that the “congratulations” had already been said, and it was time to send her congratulations.

“Xi Yuan…” Lu Dingning suddenly shouted Ruan Xiyuan after looking at Jin Shang’s panic-stricken expression.

Of course Ruan Xiyuan knew what Lu Dingning told him to do, and immediately handed over the umbrella Lu Dingning had ordered.

Because Lu Dingning was in a hurry, Ruan Xiyuan only found a miscellaneous umbrella with a retail price of about 1 yuan outside.

“The company has a lot of things these days. I don’t know what gift to give you temporarily, so I picked this one!”

Lu Dingning offered it with both hands.

Of course Jin Shang couldn’t refuse this politeness and this attitude, so he reached out and took it.

However, regarding the fact that Lu Dingning gave them their wedding gifts as an umbrella, both Jin Shang and Ke Jialing were confused like Ruan Xiyuan just now.

However, Lu Dingning didn’t mind the reaction of the two, but immediately said goodbye: “Since the congratulatory message is delivered and the congratulatory gift is also delivered, then I won’t stay too much. Recently, things in the RM have piled up like mountains…”

“Let’s go.” Jin Shang is obviously not as excited as before.

You think, he originally invited Lu Yining to come to retaliate against him.

But who thought that today’s situation is the opposite.

This made Jin Shangguang feel lust when he saw Lu Dingning’s smiling face. Why would he still want to leave her? I wish she could get out quickly.

Lu Dingning, who was satisfied with the answer, left with a smile. Ruan Xiyuan followed suit.

“Hey, it’s strange. How did Lu Shao give the umbrella to Shao Jin as an engagement gift? Didn’t you hear that they are still rivals in love?” On the side, the two girls who were staring at Lu Ding Ning and Ruan Xiyuan were discussing.

“You don’t understand this? There is a deeper meaning to sending an umbrella!” When one of the girls said this, she was still smiling.

Is there a deeper meaning of giving an umbrella?

Whether it was a girl’s laughter or her words, it made people more curious.

And this also caused the people around to prick up their ears unconsciously. Including Jin Shangke Jialing, but also Ruan Xiyuan who followed Lu Dingning.

“What’s the deep meaning, just say it!”

At the urging of another girl, the girl finally said: “If he doesn’t lift it,

it will be sunny!” The girl finally said the deep meaning she knew.

And these words instantly made many people around him couldn’t help but laugh out: “Puff!”

Jin Shang who heard these words instantly lost control.

He not only smashed the umbrella on the ground, but also exploded: “Damn, Lu Yining, I’m never finished with you!” The

engagement scene was once out of control.

Jin Shang even yelled in front of the audience: “I will not order this marriage. Why did Lu Yining not wear shoes, why should I be the pick-up man?”

Just how noisy, the interest chain of the two is still there.

Jin Shang wants to regret his marriage. How easy is it?

Ruan Xiyuan couldn’t help laughing when she looked at Jin Shang’s violent jump. I sighed in my heart at the same time: What a “If you don’t lift it, it will be sunny”!

When the sound behind him was restless, Lu Dingning had left the scene with Ruan Xiyuan, hiding his merit and fame.

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