Chapter 5 Serious Nonsense

Ruan Xiyuan was preparing the umbrella, Lu Dingning replaced a white handmade suit in the rest room and took out a small water polo similar to an egg from his original pocket.

This water polo was specially made by my mother. In order to make her pretend to be more like a boy.

After taking out the little water polo, Lu Dingning stuffed it into his crotch.

Dinner parties, there are always some weird situations, so be careful and subtle.

Once again confirming that the position of his “male symbol” is correct, Lu Dingning went to the engagement banquet with Ruan Xiyuan who had already got the umbrella.

The venue for the engagement banquet is located on the third floor of the Katie Hotel.

As soon as “Lu Yining” appeared, it caused many gorgeously dressed men and women to watch.

In addition to the grievances between Lu Yining and the engaged couple, but also because this person seems more charming today than in the past.

Wearing a white suit, she vividly demonstrated the four characters “peerless elegance”.

Ruan Xiyuan, who was closely behind Lu Dingning, was actually quite worried that Lu Dingning could not adapt to this environment.

Unexpectedly, under the gaze of everyone, Lu Dingning not only did not show any stage fright, but proudly raised his head, his expression indifferent, but inviolable.

This point made Ruan Xiyuan relieved. Looking around, he immediately reached Lu Dingning’s ears and lowered his voice: “The person walking towards you at a 45-degree angle on the left hand is Jin Shang.”

“The one holding Jin Shang’s hand is Ke Jialing!”

Ruan Xiyuan The sound of reminder made Lu Dingning realize that “the adulterer and the adulterer” have appeared!

“Lu Shao, I’m really happy to come to my engagement party with Jia Ling.”

In a blink of an eye, he combed all the ink hair backwards, revealing a face with Chinese characters, wearing a black tuxedo, Jin Shang, who appeared to be full of spirits, had come to Lu Dingning.

If he didn’t look at Ke Jialing, who is like a bird in his arms, and smudged his lips when he said this, Lu Dingning would think that what he said just now was more credible.

At this moment, Lu Dingning is still smiling. Her smile belongs to the kind that makes people dazzle, and it makes people feel the kind of nobility that shoots out of his bones.

In a trance, some arrogant people became inexplicably confused. Just because of self-esteem, some people think that “Lu Yining” is laughing.

And Lu Dingning with that sudden smile, his lips lightly said: “Today I am happy for you, the bitch finally got a dog…” The

last sentence made the happy expression of the pair of men and women instantly crack .

On the side, Ruan Xiyuan visibly twitched a few times when he heard this: What should I do, I really want to laugh!

Before Jin Shang could speak, Lu Dingning added fuel to the fire: “Jin Shao, Jialing’s bed is always crowded, you can watch it.”

That’s right, Lu Dingning’s blessing today is fake, come and fight. The face is real.

Furthermore, in fact, from the moment when Lu Dingning appeared just now, his eyes never left Jin Shang’s national character face.

In fact, she just wanted to see, her appearance…

No, it should be the appearance of “Lu Yining”, did Jin Shang feel something wrong.

That’s right, since she realized that her brother’s disappearance was likely to be assassinated or kidnapped, Lu Dingning has been investigating those who might be against her brother.

Among these people, Lu Dingning felt that the most likely person was the person in front of him-Jin Shang.

The Jin family is currently working on chat software, and quickly seizes the market share that belongs to RM.

Furthermore, from Ruan Xiyuan’s mouth, Lu Dingning learned that her brother and Jin Shang had fought for Ke Jialing.

Finally, the Jin family’s new media entertainment newspaper has been hyping about her brother being hurt by love…

This series all pointed the finger at the Jin family.

This is another reason why she had to come to this engagement banquet!

She wanted to see if her brother was in the hands of the Jin family.

It’s just that Jin Shang’s performance in front of him doesn’t seem to be very surprised by her appearance. Does this mean that her brother is not in the hands of this person?

Since her brother is not in the hands of these people, then she has to seriously hit her face and get justice for her good-tempered brother!

But as a result, Jin Shang didn’t move, but Ke Jialing

‘s blushing neck thickly called out: “Yining, don’t spit on your blood .” Compared with Ke Jialing’s excitement, Lu Dingning’s side was light and calm. After all, she was not the person who had been with Ke Jialing from the beginning: “Such a serious nonsense, is it worthy of the condoms we used?”

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