Chapter 4 Girlfriend gets married, the groom is not me!

After returning from the mall, Lu Dingning began to prepare for the engagement banquet arranged by Lu Guohua.

It is said that the protagonist of this engagement banquet is still the eldest son of the current company’s rival Jin Jin, Jin Shang.

As for the heroine Ke Jialing, even more remarkable.

It is said that Lu Dingning was still the girlfriend of her brother Lu Yining a few days ago.

In other words, as soon as she entered the role of her brother Lu Yining, Lu Dingning had to face the dilemma of “girlfriend wants to get married, the groom is not me”.

“Is it necessary to go to this engagement banquet today?”

Lu Dingning’s voice is very nice, with natural magnetism, which makes people unconsciously sink.

“It’s better to participate. After all, the Jin family has already sent the invitation letter. If you don’t show up at this juncture, the media will have to exaggerate Lu Shao’s life because of his love. Moreover, Mr. Lu and I are both. I feel that Lu Shao’s disappearance may be related to the Jin family.” It was Ruan Xiyuan who responded to Lu Dingning.

Through the silver-framed glasses, Ruan Xiyuan’s gaze was once again on Lu Dingning’s handsome face.

To be honest, at this moment he still did not believe that Lu Dingning and Lu Yining were different people. Because their faces are almost exactly the same.

Of course, the details are slightly different. For example, Lu Dingning’s skin is fairer and smoother than Lu Yining’s, and he can’t even see his pores. For example, Lu Dingning’s smile is a little more charming than Lu Yining. Even Ruan Xiyuan, who thinks he is the same sex as Lu Dingning, finds Lu Dingning really attractive.

Lu Dingning actually understands why Lu Guohua arranged for her to attend this engagement banquet.

In the recent period, Lu Yining has not appeared for a long time, so people who know that he and Ke Jialing have had a certain period of time, all guess whether he is hurt by love.

The new media and entertainment company under Jin’s is even more flamboyant, saying that Lu Yining is a misfortune, causing the stock market of RM to nearly fall.

If Lu Yining does not appear at the engagement banquet today, then it is even more important for Lu Yining to take it seriously.

And once Lu Dingning appeared at the engagement banquet as arranged by Lu Guohua, he would be able to defeat Jin’s strategy.

Furthermore, it is possible to find out whether the disappearance of the Jin family and her brother is related.

It’s just a simple way of defeating Jin’s strategy, obviously not Lu Dingning’s style.

“How far have Ke Jialing and my brother developed?” Under Lu Dingning’s drooping eyes, a wicked smile was hidden.

“Before, Shao Lu liked to take her with her no matter what occasion. As for the degree, I don’t know.” Ruan Xiyuan said.

Ruan Xiyuan’s words reminded Lu Dingning of the condoms she found in her brother’s drawer with the small hairpin today…

In the relatively open environment of Country F, Lu Dingning did not make a fuss about finding these condoms. However, according to his brother’s simple and straightforward personality, there should be no one other than Ke Jialing who used this condom with him.

Go to the wedding, you can see if her brother is there, and by the way, you can ask her brother a little justice.

Thinking of this, the corners of Lu Dingning’s lips were like a smile but a smile: “Do I have to give something to respond to them?”

Ruan Xiyuan agreed with Lu Dingning’s idea.

This Ke Jialing and the entire Ke family behind her are a group of people who “look towards the money”.

Before there was a crisis in RM, the Ke family sent things to the Lu family all day long, and Ke Jialing also kept sticking to Yining.

When the limelight wasn’t right, the whole family squeezed into Jin, who was in the limelight recently. Even Ke Jialing, who was originally as good as Lu Yining, became a fiancee of others.

At this point, Ruan Xiyuan has always been worthless for Lu Yining, and has been wondering what to look for to give Lu Yining a bad breath.

Now, as soon as Lu Dingning puts it forward, he and Ruan Xiyuan just hit it off.

Therefore, Ruan Xiyuan began to make suggestions: “Or, two catties of steel pewter?”

“I really can’t do it with two catties of steel pewter as a gift!” Lu Dingning suddenly heard what Ruan Xiyuan said. He raised his lips and smiled.

Her brother, Ruan Xiyuan, who looks like an elite in the workplace, did not expect that he would come up with the rude job of using steel bars to hit the market.

But Lu Dingning didn’t know, her smile made her pair of micro-hooked phoenix eyes as deep as a spiral nest, and Ruan Xiyuan’s heart was scratched like a mouse.

“Then do you have any good suggestions?” Ruan Xiyuan asked quickly after covering up his gaffe.

In fact, he didn’t understand that this Lu Dingning was clearly the same face as the previous Lu Yining. Why would it make his heart speed up inexplicably.

“An umbrella!”

Luding Ning, then let Ruan Yuan tin frown: “?? Umbrella what it can do”

.! “Wait you know, I go to prepare a dress enchant”

Lu Dingning sold off the child.

Although Ruan Xiyuan could not understand why Lu Dingning wanted to send an umbrella, he pushed the frame and still called the person to arrange for someone to send an umbrella.

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