Chapter 3 Brother, we will be reunited!

This is the second day Lu Dingning enters the role of his brother Lu Yining.

On this day, Lu Guohua only asked Lu Dingning to attend an engagement banquet in the evening. In the morning and afternoon, let her rest at home.

But Lu Dingning woke up early in the morning.

As soon as he opened his eyes, Lu Dingning looked at the room.

It is said that this is where her brother Lu Yining lived before.

In fact, Lu Guohua had prepared another room for her before. It’s just that once I entered the room, even the bed was covered with lace, and the walls were still full of dreamy pink…

The picture was so beautiful that Lu Dingning couldn’t dare to recall it.

Because he couldn’t accept it, Lu Dingning decided to live in his brother Lu Yining’s room.

Compared with the room full of fantasy colors, Lu Yining’s room looks much simpler.

The wall is white, the mattress is blue that boys like, and there is no scary lace.

Maybe it’s been a boy for a long time, sometimes she will forget her attributes, so that she gradually likes all the styles that boys like, even with the action of getting up and washing, she is also boyish and simple.

After washing, Lu Dingning casually looked at the books on Lu Yining’s shelf. In addition to some programming content that Lu Dingning is more interested in, there are also some ancient poems that make her look headache.

Later, Lu Dingning turned over Lu Yining’s drawer again. In fact, she just wanted to see if her brother left any clues before leaving.

“I didn’t expect this thing. Brother still keeps…” From the drawer, Lu Dingning pulled out a small hairpin.

The hairpin was packed in a small sealed bag. So even though the age is older, this little hairpin looks brand new.

I still remember that my parents divorced in winter, and my mother took her away in a taxi, and my brother chased the car and ran behind for a long time.

Finally, the mother couldn’t bear it and told the car to stop. When Lu Dingning flew off the bus, her brother gave her the favorite car model. And she also gave her favorite small hairpin to her brother…

Now, 13 years later, her brother still keeps the small hairpin she gave him at the time, just like she brought the car model to country F, and it still remains intact. , Put it on her desk.

Thirteen years apart, the relationship between their brothers and sisters seems to have not changed at all.

“Brother, our brothers and sisters will be reunited, right?” Lu Dingning turned to look at the picture frame on the desk, pinching the sealed bag with the small hairpin in his palm. The man in the frame had the same face as Lu Dingning, and he was gentle and elegant…

After breakfast, Lu Dingning looked for Ruan Xiyuan and asked him to take her to a nearby shopping mall to buy some comfortable shirts and trousers.

But he didn’t want to. Just after coming out of the mall, the two of them hadn’t walked to the parking lot, Lu Dingning suddenly felt something was wrong.

When the wind and the wind hit her, she pushed Ruan Xiyuan aside.

A speeding Toyota car sprinted past their side…

just a little bit, the lives of the two of them just now were accounted for.

“What’s the matter with this car? It’s still in the mall, so I drove the car so fast!” Ruan Xiyuan complained a few words, after calming down his fast heartbeat, he came to Lu Yining: “Are you okay? . ” “

nothing. this car feels like coming at us …… “Luding Ning stared at the rapid disappearance of Toyota cars in traffic, in a good-looking brow Organization.

In order to win the inheritance of the Smith family, she had suffered a lot of secret obstacles when she tried her best.

Therefore, she can’t feel wrong.

But in the current country Z, no one should know her identity!

Could it be that this car is for her brother?

“It seems that when I was with Yining before, I also encountered two or three times like this! You don’t say, I don’t think…”

Ruan Xiyuan seemed to murmur, but Lu Dingning felt disturbed.

If Ruan Xiyuan said the truth, the assassinations were directed against her brother.

If this is the case, her brother’s disappearance is most likely to be kidnapped or assassinated.

But who was it that would kill the honest brother in her memory?

At this moment, Lu Dingning looked at the direction of the disappearance of the car, his eyes hidden waves…

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