Chapter 20 Zong Jize calls Lu Dingning

other end of the city, the top floor of Zhuo Nuo Building-

although it is late at night, Zhuo Nuo’s employees are still holding an emergency meeting for the upcoming mobile phone.

Zong Jize was also at the main seat of the conference room at this time, listening to each supervisor’s thoughts on this new mobile phone marketing strategy.

And at this moment, his cell phone heard a beep of information coming in.

Zong Jize didn’t want to bother. But I didn’t want to. I lowered my head and saw the source of information on the phone screen-Lu Yining.

These three words reminded Zong Jize of the day when Lu Dingning at the entrance of the villa did a “live Lei Feng” thing.

He was initially uninterested, but suddenly he touched the phone inexplicably, and clicked on the message sent by Lu Dingning.

【have time? Give you something! ]

Even hesitate not, were following the Chak soon reply with: [What? 】

When did the executives of Zhuo Nuo who were in the conference room with Zong Jize playing with his mobile phone during a meeting?

But now Zong Jize has not only played, but has been staring at the phone since then. In this way, he looks no different from young people who are addicted to mobile phones.

It’s just that everyone is a little curious, who is the one who can make Zong Jize play mobile phones in the conference room for the first time!

However, curious to curious, no one dared to crane his neck to peek at Zong Jize’s mobile phone.

However, Zong Jize, who had finished sending the text message, appeared irritated because he had not waited until Lu Dingning’s reply.

Upset, Zong Jize was absorbed in this new product meeting.

By the time the meeting was over, it was already midnight.

Zong Jize touched the phone again.

Only on the phone, there is still no information from Lu Dingning coming in. A few friends asked him out for a drink.

In desperation, Zong Jize once again sent a text message to Lu Dingning’s number: [Wouldn’t it be playing me! 】It’s

just this text message, still sinking into the sea.

Sometimes people are like this.

Originally very tired and so busy, but something that makes you worry about it, you still can’t sleep.

And Zong Jize, that’s it.

This night, he stood by the phone and waited for Ding Ning’s reply.


Lu Dingning, who didn’t know that a text message before going to bed caused someone to lose sleep all night, after doing two expansion exercises together, he fastened his chest strap and then went to the bathroom to wash.

When she finished washing up, she discovered that there were several new text messages on her phone and several missed calls.

These are all from Zong Jize.

Lu Dingning stared at the series of new news for a few seconds before remembering that he had sent a text message to someone before going to bed yesterday, and then turned the phone into silent mode and fell asleep completely.

After thinking about it for a while, Lu Dingning once again sent a text message to Zong Jize: [Sorry, I was a little tired yesterday, and I slept to death! 】

Zong Jize, who received information from Lu Dingning, was still lying in bed at this time. He lay down when the sky was dark. Until now, it was just a two-hour rest with eyes closed.

After hearing the sound of the phone, Zong Jize quickly picked it up and checked. It’s just the content of the text message that made him grit his teeth!

Let him wait all night, but the bastard fell asleep by himself.

To be honest, even Zong Jize didn’t know why he was so curious about what Lu Dingning wanted to give him. Why does a text message sent by someone who meets in peace can make him sleepless all night.

But it turned out that his wait this night was worth it.

It was because Lu Dingning made people wait all night, and was too embarrassed to let him wait anymore, so he immediately sent over the documents William sent her yesterday.

Lu Yining: [File].

After waiting all night, Zong Jize naturally clicked on without hesitation.

When the contents of the document appeared in front of him, Zong Jize’s eyes were much darker.

Just because the contents of the file that Lu Dingning sent him are all high-level secrets of Zhuonuo’s mobile phone. The release of Zono’s new mobile phone is another innovation revolution not only for China but also for the whole world.

However, if these contents are leaked, it will also be fatal to Zono phones.

Zong Jize only took two minutes to browse the files. Because no one knows better than the person who designed this program. This is the complete system of the new mobile phone that Zono will launch.

After browsing the files, Zong Jize directly dialed Lu Dingning’s number this time.

As soon as the phone was connected, he didn’t even wait for Lu Dingning to speak, and he asked directly, “Where did you get these?”

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