Chapter 2 Girl Ding Ning becomes Boy Ning

“Then…what do you need me to do?” Compared to Lu Guohua, who is in a hurry, Lu Dingning’s handsome face has a calm and mature that does not belong to her age.

In fact, Lu Dingning was too late to inform Lu Guohua.

After marrying his mother, Shu Zhilan, to Mr. Smith, she was also included in the list of heirs of the Smith family by Mr. Smith. Mr. Smith is not stingy about the training that should be given to her.

Originally, Lu Dingning was not interested in inheritance rights. But one day, when Mr. Smith’s young son bumped into and humiliated his mother in Smith’s manor, Lu Dingning changed like a man.

She went crazy to learn management courses and various knowledge that she had resisted in the past.

Because she knows that the inheritance criterion of the ancient Smith family is only passed on to the most capable and courageous men in each generation.

If she can stand firm in the Smith family, her mother Shu Zhilan will not be bullied again!

Also because of her hard work, she stood out from Smith’s generation.

Just this year, Lu Dingning, as a step-son, became the heir to the Smith family. Of course, the premise is that Lu Dingning not only needs to have outstanding talents, but also that she cannot be found as her daughter! Only Lu Dingning knew about the difficulties and dangers.

But because of this, Lu Dingning trained the calmness and wisdom that his peers did not have.

And these, Lu Dingning actually didn’t want to tell her father, just because she was still young when they left, but she clearly remembered her father’s love and tolerance for herself.

If Lu Guohua knew that she had been so hard these years, I was afraid it would only make him sad.

“Originally, I wanted you to help me make suggestions, and if necessary, help me go out to find your brother… But now, I have a brand new idea!” When Lu Guohua said the last sentence, his eyes were almost exactly the same as Lu Yining. On his face.

“Before, your brother was in contact with Zong Jize, founder of Zhuo Nuo Group, and asked him to cooperate with our RM. This cooperation is likely to allow RM to survive the immediate crisis. But Zong Jize has one problem, that is, he doesn’t like it very much. Changed the person in charge of the midway cooperation. Several software companies were also rejected by the Zuo Nuo mobile phone because of the change of the person in the middle…”

“So I hope that from today, you will temporarily replace your brother and contact Zuo Nuo. The founder of the group. In addition, he will attend various necessary occasions on behalf of your brother, as well as manage some affairs of the RM company. Of course, I will also send a right-hand man to you…”

After saying all his ideas, Lu Guohua He looked at Lu Dingning hesitantly. Unexpectedly, Lu Dingning responded: “Yes.”

This answer gave Lu Guohua a moment of stun: “Ningning, don’t you blame me?”

A girl pretended to be a boy. Lu Guohua couldn’t bear it just thinking of some of the predicaments she might encounter.

But he did not expect that his daughter agreed without even hesitating.

“No complaint!” Lu Dingning’s lips twitched lightly and said, “RM is your hard work. Mom said that this software was developed when my brother and I were not born. Therefore, the status of RM should be in your mind. It’s similar to your children! So, I don’t want your hard work to go to waste.”

Upon hearing this, Lu Guohua’s eyes were slightly red.

People say that the daughter is the little padded jacket of the parents. This is true.

Even if he hadn’t seen it for many years, his little padded jacket would still consider him from his perspective for the first time… After

calming down his inner excitement, Lu Guohua had already taken out a cell phone and called someone over.

The man came quickly.

Lu Dingning had only half a cup of tea with Lu Guohua, and he entered Lu Zhai. This man is in his early twenties, wearing silver-rimmed glasses, and looks gentle.

Seeing Lu Dingning who was sitting on the main seat with the old man, the eyes of this man hidden behind the silver-framed glasses suddenly lit up.

“Shao Lu?”

This person’s reflection was in Lu Guohua’s expectation.

Because when he saw Lu Dingning just now, he also reflected this way.

As for Lu Dingning, of course she also knew that this person was calling her brother. But her reaction was very calm, with lazy eyes and a smile on the corners of her lips. It made her look handsome, and her indistinguishable faces were even more heart-wrenching.

“Xi Yuan, this is not Yining, it is Ding Ning. Yining’s twins…brother!” After hesitating for a while, Lu Guohua said the last two words. After a short pause, Lu Guohua continued to say: “In the next period of time, she will replace Yining and continue to contact Zhuo Nuo Group.”

“Ning Ning, this is Ruan Xiyuan. He was your brother’s special assistant before, compare Know the people and things around your brother. You take him during this time, and he will provide you with the information you need as

soon as possible !” After listening to Lu Guohua’s introduction, Lu Dingning smiled and nodded.

So, starting from this day, the girl Lu Dingning became a boy Lu Yining.

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