Chapter 19 You are an idiot if you have money without making money!

Lu Dingning only replied: There is a need, not to conquer!

In fact, what Lu Dingning wanted to do with Zong Jize was to exchange information. Merchants, nothing can’t be exchanged. In her opinion, Zong Jize should be the same.

William quickly replied: I will give you a message when it is done!

However, Lu Dingning, who was confident in William’s efficiency, didn’t even wait for his reply. He took out Lu Yining’s cell phone and sent a message to Zong Jize’s number that he just sent to him. : Zong Shao, stay on the front line as a human being, and see you in the future! When I have time to come out, I invite you to drink coffee… When

Lu Dingning sent the message, the door of the emergency room where Lu Zhiqing was located opened. The nurse is talking to Ruan Xiyuan about Lu Zhiqing’s situation and matters that should be noted.

Lu Dingning didn’t listen, because she was the one who beat her, so she knew that she was just making Lu Zhiqing’s nose and face swollen, and she couldn’t come out for the time being to affect her mood. It didn’t hurt Lu Zhiqing’s essence at all.

After Ruan Xiyuan listened to the nurse’s instructions and contacted Lu Zhiqing’s star mother, Lu Dingning asked Ruan Xiyuan to send her back to the villa to continue the small gathering.


By the time Lu Dingning returned to Luzhai after his busy schedule, it was already 11 o’clock in the evening.

Upon returning to the room, Lu Dingning locked the bedroom door and entered the bathroom.

The moment she took off the elastic chest strap, she obviously felt a lot of breathing.

“It’s really embarrassing for you to be tied like this every day and grow up like this!”

After the patrons patted the two pieces of meat on the chest, Lu Dingning took a battle bath, which was very handsome. He walked out of the bathroom with a bathrobe.

Really, except for the two pieces of meat on the chest and a small part of the tissue below, Lu Dingning’s behavior sometimes even feels too rough for himself.

After taking a shower, Lu Dingning found out his own mobile phone and logged in to his MSN account. There was already a message from William in it.

Roughly means: Dyn, I found that the surveillance video of the road section you mentioned has been emptied. What do you want me to delete?

Has the surveillance video been deleted?

Who did it?

Certainly not Lu Zhiqing. That guy is not too stupid to delete the video record that can be used as evidence to win sympathy and love.

The only explanation is Zong Jize?

So far, Zong Jize was the only person who discovered that she had beaten someone and acted as a live Lei Feng to send people to the hospital.

But why would he help her?

Lu Dingning really couldn’t understand.

After finding out Lu Yining’s mobile phone, Zong Jize has not replied… After

staring at the phone for a few seconds, Lu Dingning did not take the initiative to contact Zong Jize again, but put the phone on the cabinet and got into the bed.

After a busy day, only the time in this small bedroom is her most comfortable…


This is the fifth day that Lu Dingning replaces Lu Yining.

Early in the morning, she was personally sent by Ruan Xiyuan to the Imperial City University where Lu Yining studied.

Just because today is Monday.

Lu Yining has two Mandarin lessons here and two elective programming lessons.

There is no problem in the programming class, because Lu Dingning majored in F also in this course.

But the Mandarin class…

With the textbook Ruan Xiyuan handed her, Lu Dingning’s two eyebrows immediately frowned.

“What’s the matter? Don’t you have good grades in country F?”

“Yes. But I can’t do it in Mandarin.” Lu Dingning answered calmly.

“No. Didn’t you speak very well?” Lu Dingning said, still the authentic taste of imperial city. If not, she might not be able to replace Lu Yining temporarily.

Just because of Ruan Xiyuan’s doubts, Lu Dingning could only let the corners of his lips toss a little helpless arc: “I can’t write square characters, reading documents and daily communication is no problem.”

Lu Dingning’s Mandarin looks good, because Even in country F, she communicates with her mother in Mandarin. On the other hand, it is Mr. Smith who thinks that the future Z Congress is a business power. Therefore, among the courses he has set for all his heirs, there are special Z Mandarin courses.

In addition, Lu Dingning also often contacted netizens in Z country on the Internet. Only with these, Lu Dingning’s daily Mandarin communication is very fluent.

But these, except for writing square words…

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