Chapter 16 A More Exciting Scene

“Zong Shao, I think this feeling is really grind. Although Lu Shao was not very provocative before, he was just a normal person. But after being betrayed by a woman, he has become this virtue… …”

Geng Qing’s burying did not attract Zong Jize’s attention.

Just because Zong Jize found that Lu Dingning, who was carrying the garbage bag, turned around and walked behind the other person.

Then, a shocking scene happened.

After Lu Dingning approached this person, he didn’t even have time to reflect it, so he directly put the bag full of garbage on the person’s head, and those disgusting food wastes slipped along the person’s body. Down.

The picture is uncomfortable.

Perhaps the person with his head was dissatisfied with being treated this way, struggling, and planned to pull the trash bag off his head.

Luding Ning can be perceived in that moment he intends to resist, suddenly grabbed the man’s hands, directly to screw it behind, then his knees bent on the TV drama back to the people of a strike ……

when Lu Dingning When Lu Zhiqing began to beat Lu Zhiqing violently, the corners of Geng Qing’s mouth twitched. Even ordinary people can be calm in the face of big and small things. He is known as the poker face by the outside world. While watching this series of actions by Lu Shao, he was also shocked.

“Shao Zong, do we need to call the police or step forward to stop it?” Geng Qing asked.

“No, we don’t have to do anything!”

Compared to Geng Qing, Zong Jize’s reaction was much colder.

Because in his view, this is someone else’s business, even if the person is beaten to death, it has nothing to do with him.

More importantly, he felt that Lu Dingning wanted to do more than that.

Wait, there should be more exciting scenes.


Lu Dingning has not lived up to Zong Jize’s wait.

After beating Lu Zhiqing violently, she knocked him out again and dragged him to the trash can. Lu Dingning returned to where he got off.

At this time, Ruan Xiyuan had stopped the car and returned to Lu Dingning.

“Let’s go in.” Ruan Xiyuan said.

“Good!” Lu Dingning responded.

The two walked halfway together, passing by the place where Lu Dingning had just abandoned Lu Zhiqing, Ruan Xiyuan discovered an abnormality.

“Look, is that lying alone?” Ruan Xiyuan asked.

“It seems to be!” Lu Dingning glanced at Lu Zhiqing, except that most of his body was exposed in the garbage bag, and then nodded.

After receiving Lu Dingning’s response, Ruan Xiyuan walked towards the place where the man was lying. After peeling off the garbage bag for a while, he was suddenly shocked: “Zhi Qing?”

Well, even Ruan Xiyuan had to recognize it for a long time before he could have this swollen nose and his head swollen with food waste. It was Lu Zhiqing!

And Lu Dingning on the side, raised his eyebrows lazily: “This is Lu Zhiqing?”

“Yes. This is Lu Zhiqing! Why was it beaten like this…” Ruan Xiyuan murmured these and looked away Falling on Lu Dingning’s body.

But Lu Dingning shrugged her shoulders: “How do I know?” That

dazed and sincere expression, combined with her now wearing white casual clothes, dusty and clean breath, still no one can do it with her. People with a lot of scams are connected together.

“Xi Yuan, someone beat me.” Lu Zhiqing also sober at this time.

As soon as he opened his eyes, after seeing the familiar figure, he couldn’t help but complain.

“What did that person look like, did you see it?” Ruan Xiyuan asked.

“No. He put a plastic bag on my head and kicked it!” Lu Zhiqing’s sentence made Lu Dingning look down, so as to hide the smile from his eyes.

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