Chapter 14 The Yellow Crane in Wenzhou

this morning, Lu Dingning and Lu Guohua had breakfast at the table.

“Ning Ning, yesterday I heard that Xi Yuan said that you didn’t attend Zong Shao’s charity dinner in the end. What’s the matter?”

Lu Guohua asked when Lu Dingning was drinking milk.

Hearing this, Lu Dingning put aside the remaining half of the milk cup. Before the milk stain on the corner of his mouth was wiped off, he responded, “I didn’t participate.” In the

morning light, Lu Dingning’s skin was like a boiled egg. . Even if you stare at close range, you can’t see a pore.

Coupled with the milk stains around the corner of the mouth, it looks slightly cute.

Lu Guohua still remembered that his Ningning also liked milk with milk when he was young. At that time, she had two ponytails and smiled sweetly.

He has always believed that his Ningning must be a beauty when he grows up.

Today, she has really grown up and has grown into a beauty.

It’s just this gender…

Actually, it’s all to blame for him and his ex-wife.

If it weren’t for the divorce of the two of them, his Ningning wouldn’t have to be so inferior…

Although he felt sad, Lu Guohua still had to get to the point. Because he knew that only by solving these difficult things as soon as possible can Lu Dingning recover his daughter’s body as soon as possible: “In that case, what about the half of the cooperation plan? Also, your brother is missing…”

Although Lu Guohua’s tone was tactful Somewhat, but Lu Dingning still noticed that he was somewhat disappointed.

“You can rest assured. Whatever I do, I won’t fall!” Of course, she used her own method.

Hearing Lu Dingning’s words, Lu Guohua quickly said: “That’s good!”

His Ningning looked confident. In this case, he also relaxes and lets her go, right?

Besides, RM is already in this situation now. No matter how bad it is, where can it get worse?

For the time being, let Ning Ning Chuang Chuang Chuang, if not, only the old man himself can play!

The conversation between father and daughter ends here.

Lu Dingning picked up the milk cup again and continued to drink her milk.

Ten minutes later, Lu Dingning received a call from Ruan Xiyuan, saying that he was already at the door of Lu Zhai.

Today is the weekend. Lu Dingning wants to replace her brother to participate in a small party organized by a bunch of brothers.

The meeting place is said to be in a mountain village on the outskirts of the city.

Lu Dingning, who had finished drinking the milk, set off with Ruan Xiyuan.

In the car, Ruan Xiyuan and Lu Dingning chatted, and they talked to his hometown Wenzhou, Zhejiang.

When Lu Dingning heard this, he immediately became interested: “You are from Wenzhou? Then you should know Yellow Crane?”

“Yellow Crane? Who?” Ruan Xiyuan didn’t seem to be familiar with this name.

“That’s when the tannery collapsed, owed 350 million, and Huang He, the boss of the bastard who ran away with his sister-in-law! Before I was in Country F, I also heard a theme song from him!”

Lu Ding Ning’s serious look made Ruan Xiyuan laugh suddenly: “That’s all from the Internet. We don’t have a yellow crane operating a leather factory at all!”

“So there is no such person? What a pity, I still wanted to meet…” Lu Dingning was somewhat disappointed and leaned on the co-pilot position.

Ruan Xiyuan took the opportunity to look at Landing Ding Ning through the rearview mirror.

Lu Dingning, dressed in white casual clothes, has a dusty temperament. It’s just the rare annoyed expression that makes her look more in line with her age at the moment.

After a short episode, this leisure resort on the outskirts of the city, where consumer prices are astonishingly high, finally arrived.

“Wait here for me, I’ll come over when I park the car!” Ruan Xiyuan asked before Lu Dingning got off. At present, Lu Dingning still doesn’t know who is around Lu Yining. Ruan Xiyuan dare not leave her alone, so as not to be noticed.

After Lu Dingning got off the car, Ruan Xiyuan drove the car to the parking lot.

Standing at the entrance of the villa, Lu Dingning looked around. The environment here is good. Apart from the hustle and bustle of the city, the air is fresh. No wonder the rich people in this imperial city don’t hesitate to spend a lot of money here.

Just as Lu Dingning pondered this, she found a figure not far from the entrance.

The man was talking on the phone and did not notice her.

If it hadn’t been for that face that attracted Lu Dingning’s attention, Lu Dingning would not have paid too much attention to this person.

“Lu Zhiqing?” On this face, Ming Ming and Ruan Xiyuan gave her exactly the same photos on the father’s step-son.

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