Chapter 13 You, I’m afraid of getting sick

Lu Dingning took this sentence, a cold voice was revealed in the cold voice, which made Lu Sixin smell the death.

She started to run away. But Lu Dingning didn’t know when he had come to her, grabbed her wrist, and then took her to the ladies’ bathroom…

At this time, the charity party of Zhuo Nuo Group had begun. Don’t want to miss Zong Jize’s speech, and everyone who had the opportunity to talk to him has entered the main banquet venue.

There is no one else in this toilet outside.

After Lu Dingning brought Lu Sixin in, he pushed her directly into one of the private bathrooms and locked her away.

Subsequently, Lu Dingning began to take off his tie slowly.

When Lu Dingning did this action, he still maintained the gentleness of the day, making him look like a handsome brother.

Lu Sixin, who was pushed to sit on the toilet, stared at this scene and his heartbeat accelerated…

so that when Lu Dingning untied his tie and walked towards her again, she looked a little flushed, even revealing the little woman She was shy, and said to Lu Dingning: “Brother Yining, please be

gentle …” Lu Dingning: Did

you play active cooperation?

“Think I want to fuck you here?” Lu Dingning suddenly laughed again. That kind of smile is very bad but also very attractive, especially girls like Lu Sixin have no ability to parry.

When asked, Lu Sixin wanted to nod. But because of the restraint left, I dare not move. But still staring at Ding Ning, looking forward to Lu Dingning’s favor.

It’s just that when Lu Sixin was full of expectation, she heard Lu Dingning suddenly speak again: “I want to be beautiful! I’m afraid of getting sick for you!”

Lu Dingning’s lips were still smiling.

Tenderness and cruelty were perfectly interpreted by her.

It also made Lu Sixin feel as if he was showered with cold water, and his whole body was chilled.

Just when Lu Sixin wanted to say a few words to save his face, Lu Dingning had taken out the pocket towel on his suit and put it in Lu Sixin’s mouth.

But that was not enough. Lu Dingning pulled some paper towels from the toilet paper holder on one side, crumpled them into a big ball and stuffed them into Lu Sixin’s mouth.

Of course Lu Sixin wanted to resist. But as soon as the hand reached out, Lu Dingning put her backhand behind her and tied it directly with her next tie.

As for Lu Sixin’s feet, Lu Dingning pulled the silk scarves used for decoration directly from her wrists and tied them.

After finishing this, Lu Dingning smiled at Lu Sixin.

That smile is as beautiful as an angel who has strayed into the world. People can’t think of that evil thing just now, because of her hand.

After laughing, Lu Dingning closed the door.

Just before stepping out of this lady’s bathroom, Lu Dingning also picked up a notice board labeled “Clean and Hygienic, Suspended” under the sink on one side, placed it at the door of the bathroom, and clapped his hands away.

Ruan Xiyuan is also waiting at the elevator entrance on one side.

Seeing Lu Dingning coming back, but not Lu Sixin, he was unavoidably curious: “What’s wrong with her?” When

asking these, Ruan Xiyuan kept glancing down at the landing. Ding Ning suddenly lost the neckline of his tie…

Although he didn’t ask anything else, Ruan Xiyuan’s eyes The suspicion in it can’t be more obvious.

How clever as Lu Dingning can’t see it?

“Do you think this time is enough for me?” Lu Dingning asked not to answer. With a teasing in his voice, Ruan Xiyuan smelled a scent that was gentle enough to drown…At

that moment, he felt his heart trembled uncontrollably.

I originally wanted to ask Lu Dingning, if she didn’t do anything to Lu Sixin, why didn’t she see Lu Sixin appear now?

But the feeling in my heart was very strange at the moment, so Ruan Xiyuan gave up the urge to ask Lu Dingning, and then followed the landing Ding Ning left the hotel!

Return to Lu Dingning of Lu Zhai, log in to the MSN number, and send a message to William, his right-hand man in Country F: handle Zuo Zhuoya Hotel, all surveillance videos related to me.

The other party quickly sent back a reply: received!

As for the tie and pocket square that she just used on Lu Sixin’s body, what she is wearing today is not a limited edition.

Even if Lu Sixin really reported the case, wouldn’t she still be able to conversely plant Lu Sixin stealing her two things to frame her?

In short, there is no record of surveillance video, Lu Dingning knows that Lu Sixin can’t take her completely.

Unexpectedly encountered this “sister”, and learned from Ruan Xiyuan’s mouth that her brother was being bullied by her step-brother and step-sister over the years, also sounded the alarm for Lu Dingning.

Perhaps, her brother was kidnapped, or maybe it was the “family” around her brother?

You think, without knowing her Lu Dingning’s existence, if her brother Lu Yining is gone, then the heir of RM is the step-brother and step-sister brought by the stepmother!

Moreover, from Ruan Xiyuan’s mouth, she accidentally learned some information, her stepmother and scum step brother and sister, it is really possible to do such a thing!

It seems that she has to find time and meet the other two talents again!

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