Chapter 12 I am a Civilized Man

Looking at these words, Lu Dingning apparently lost the patience to talk with Lu Sixin, turned and walked towards the elevator.

Ruan Xiyuan followed without hesitation.

Until Lu Dingning walked to the elevator entrance, Lu Sixin’s voice came from behind: “Just because you look down on me, you treat me like this, I recognize. But my brother is not worse than you, why did you beat him to live in? The hospital? Wouldn’t it be you who feared my brother was better than you, and afraid that Dad would leave the entire company to him in the future, so you are so targeted at him?” With

this unwilling accusation, Lu Dingning raised his eyebrows to the side. Ruan Xiyuan: “My brother beat him?”

“I heard that this is the case! But I think that Shao Lu’s character should not be able to do such a thing! So I suspect…” Ruan Xiyuan did not point out certain words.

But Lu Dingning could already hear the deep meaning of his words.

In other words, Lu Yining’s beatings were framed.

Combined with the fact that the shriveled stepdaughter still wanted her brother to take a peek at her bathing, Lu Dingning felt that her brother must have been blamed again.

“How did my dad deal with this matter?” Lu Dingning ignored the woman who complained like a mad woman and only continued to ask what she was interested in.

“Because the evidence is solid, Mr. Lu had to reprimand Lu Shao.”

Ruan Xiyuan said, Lu Dingning was already looking down.

From that angle, Ruan Xiyuan couldn’t see Lu Dingning’s eyes clearly. The only thing I can see is that Lu Dingning’s lips still have a cynical curvature, making her handsome face, picturesque.

But in fact, Lu Dingning really doesn’t care about this matter as she seems on the surface?

Do not……

From Ruan Xiyuan’s description of her brother, she can also feel that her brother is a true noble son. If you don’t fight and don’t rob, even if you are sad and sad, you will only hide. How could he possibly hit someone?

At this moment, Lu Dingning could almost conclude that her brother was framed.

Lu Dingning really did not expect that he would know this if he traced her brother’s disappearance.

In Lu Dingning’s impression, her brother is always very gentle. Although he was only a few hours older than her, he always looked like a big brother in front of her.

Every time she was naughty, it was Lu Yining who helped her offend. Every time Lu Yining was punished for her, Lu Yining just told him that it couldn’t do this in the future.

Perhaps it was this brother who was always unscrupulous when she was a child.

Thinking of my brother in memory, Lu Dingning’s eyes were slightly warm.

Unexpectedly, her brother’s honest and loyal character was bullied like this. This is probably what people often say that human beings are bullied by others, and Ma Shan is being ridden by others.

She didn’t know about it. How could she just ignore it if she knew it?

No matter what, she will give her brother a breath first.

Behind him, Lu Sixin was still shouting: “Yining Brother…”

She was upset. Lu Dingning , who was now more annoyed by her, suddenly turned around and walked towards the landing Sixin.

It was still such a charming face, but for some reason, it was a devilish atmosphere that radiated from Lu Dingning.

Lu Sixin raised a fear in the cynicism of Lu Dingning’s mouth. As a result, she kept backing away.

“Master Lu, calm down!” Ruan Xiyuan stepped forward, trying to discourage Lu Dingning.

But Lu Dingning suddenly smiled at Ruan Xiyuan’s lips. The sudden smile was just right. Both men and women can smell a tinge of being pampered and willing to go through fire and water for her.

And Ruan Xiyuan was obviously confused by such a smile and forgot what he wanted to do.

Lu Dingning said at this moment: “Don’t worry, I am a civilized person. Everything, I will be civilized!”

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