Chapter 11 All My Sisters Within the Four Seas

thing is like this.

As soon as Lu Dingning came out of the bathroom, coming out of the lady’s bathroom next door, the girl with a face that was marked by plastic surgery suddenly called her.

“Brother Yining?”

Lu Dingning stopped when someone called her brother’s name.

“Who are you?”

Lu Dingning glanced at her, his expression somewhat indifferent.

“Brother Yining, why don’t you recognize me?” The

plastic face girl seemed a little sad because of her words.

However, I do not know whether it was because of excessive cosmetic surgery or other reasons. Lu Dingning did not see any expressions related to the word “sad” on her face.

“Should I know you?” Just as Lu Dingning frowned, staring at the girl, Ruan Xiyuan, who had been landing Ding Ning not far away, walked quickly.

“Sixin, are you also coming to the charity dinner?” Ruan Xiyuan’s tone seemed to be quite familiar with this girl.

“Brother Xiyuan, are you here?” The girl was not very enthusiastic in her tone to Ruan Xiyuan.

“Well, come with Lu Shao.” As he said, Ruan Xiyuan also leaned sideways to Lu Dingning’s ear, lowered the volume and said to her: “This is Lu Sixin, your sister?”

“My sister? When will I be more? I have a younger sister, why don’t I know?”

“In short, your dad married a female celebrity before. This is the stepdaughter brought by the female celebrity! She, like her mother, always likes to run on your brother. I like to slander your brother for snatching her toys and beating her. When he grows up, he always slanders your brother for breaking into her bedroom and watching her take a bath. In short, this is a superb sister. What she wants to say, you don’t see it Just come!” Ruan Xiyuan’s explanation made Lu Dingning stunned.

Lu Guohua’s remarriage, when Lu Dingning arrived in Z country that day, he briefly mentioned to her.

But about stepson and stepdaughter and so on, they can’t spare any time to chat these days.

Unexpectedly, she just met her stepdaughter unexpectedly!

“Brother Yining, why do you look like you don’t recognize me?” I don’t know if you overheard the conversation between Ruan Xiyuan and Lu Dingning, or if you noticed something from the strange look of Lu Dingning just now, Lu Sixin said suddenly. To.

But this seemingly tentative question, Lu Sixin did not expect to get such a response at all.

“Don’t call me like this, I don’t have a sister like you!” Lu Dingning’s voice is still magnetic. But the tone is obviously cold.

Falsely accused her brother of peeking at her bath?

Don’t look at what she can see in her body!

Lu Dingning felt annoyed when he thought that his brother, whom he hadn’t seen for many years, was bullied by such a girl.

And this directly made Lu Sixin’s eyes red.

“Yining Brother, how can you treat me like this?” The face of that sign was full of pity, and if other men saw it, they might rise in pity.

It’s a pity that Lu Dingning was completely indifferent to this: “Just try another sentence. I have no rules for not beating a woman.” Because she is also a woman.

Lu Dingning’s remarks not only stunned Lu Sixin, even Ruan Xiyuan on one side was stunned.

“Lu Shao…” Ruan Xiyuan subconsciously wanted to remind.

But Lu Dingning didn’t seem to notice it, and still looked at Sixin coldly.

A chuckle at the corner of her lips. But that smile is like a sharp knife. It made Lu Sixin hardly doubt that he would be slapped when he shouted another sentence.

Because of this, Lu Sixin’s tone was a little bit wronged. The big eyes that opened the corner of the eyes, tears almost poured out: “I am your sister, I don’t call you like this, how should I call it?”

“You This kind of stuff can be my sister? That’s my sister in the four seas! It’s better to be a little self-knowing to be a human!” Lu Dingning’s tone of disdain, did not hide.

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