Chapter 10 The Wall Bumped Zong Jize

This is the first time Lu Dingning heard Zong Jize’s voice, deep and magnetic.

Some people say that hearing the voice of XX, the ear is about to become pregnant. Lu Dingning did not believe that there are such gods in this world before, and his voice alone made people pregnant.

But now, she had to believe it.

If Zong Jize’s voice didn’t have that terrifying chill, maybe Lu Dingning would look even more excited.

“What?” Lu Dingning suddenly smiled in the face of Zong Jize. The natural fascination between the eyebrows and eyes is wicked and attractive.

In the face of such Lu Dingning, Zong Jize’s expression grew colder.

“Ask you knowingly!” Almost every word was squeezed out of Zong Jize’s teeth.

In fact, Lu Dingning asked knowingly.

The last time she accidentally molested Zong Jize, she knew it too.

It’s just that she was still holding a fluke, after all, she didn’t speak directly at the time.

But right now, Zong Jize’s performance can prove one thing, he knows what she was talking about!

Now that he already knew what she said, it wouldn’t help to pretend at this time…


Speaking of which, Lu Dingning suddenly had a meal.

Then, the smile on her lips became more and more vivid.

When Zong Jize frowned, thinking about what he meant for the man who was holding his neck and smirking, Lu Dingning took a step back and escaped from Zong Jize’s control, and pushed him down with his backhand. Leaving the wall, then he slapped Zong Jize’s side with a palm.

A perfect wall-dump action is complete.

Lian Zong Jize was obviously amazed by Lu Dingning’s coherent and handsome actions.

If there is a girl who is a little shorter than Lu Dingning, it must be red-faced because of Lu Dingning’s behavior, and then the deer bumps.

It’s a pity that at this time Lu Dingning was in front of Zong Jize, who was a lot taller than her at 1.75.

This move is obviously a bit nondescript.

Fortunately, Lu Dingning apparently did not intend to use this “Bang Dong” to conquer him.

“Sorry, I’m just not used to being passive!” Lu Dingning smiled again. That smile made her a beautiful and beautiful face, more like a blooming poppy. Seductive, and bewitching.

I don’t know whether she was shocked by her behavior or surprised by her smile. Zong Jize didn’t respond at all.

Upon seeing this, Lu Dingning went down and said: “Forgive me for my confusion at the time…” If

you know that such an excellent man and her brother know him, and may become a partner in the future, she will not make those actions. .

“What do you think is the use of apologizing now?” The recovered Zong Jize pushed Lu Dingning away suddenly.

It was because, under Lu Dingning’s smile just now, his heart seemed to be scratched by a cat’s claw.

That feeling is very strange, Zong Jize is resisting.

This was Zong Jize’s second sentence after pushing away Lu Dingning: “I see, there is no need to talk about our previous cooperation!”

Then, the tall man walked out of the bathroom with his long legs…

Lu Ding Ning’s heart collapsed at this time.

If you don’t agree, don’t cooperate?

What the hell is this?

Lu Yining heard from his father before that it is not just their RM who wants to cooperate with Zhuo Nuo Group. Jin Shang, who had hooked up her brother’s girlfriend last time, also managed to contact the Zhuo Nuo Group.

If Zong Jize really doesn’t plan to cooperate with RM, then he will surely turn his head to cooperate with Jin, who is in the limelight recently.

If this is the case, then the problem of RM will become snowballing. And Lu will also fall into crisis.

It’s just that she also knew that even if it was entangled at this time, Zong Jize would definitely not listen to her explanation.

However, this charity dinner Lu Dingning still had something to gain.

Because when she came out of the bathroom, she was wondering what opportunities she should find next to meet with Zong Jize, and then did a good job with her brother’s previous cooperation, and then investigate whether her brother’s disappearance is related to Zong Jize. When it comes to the related things, but unexpectedly learned that he still has a “sister”?

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