Chapter 1 The handsome boy is a girl

In the patchy back garden, Lu Guohua stared at the young man in surprise.

Short hair, slightly long bangs, and a pair of evil phoenix eyes do not smile like a smile.

Excessively beautiful!

“Yining?” Lu Guohua shouted his son’s name. Because the boy in front of him and his son have exactly the same face.

The boy shook his head.

“Then you are… Ningning?”

Ningning is his daughter’s name, and the nickname of Lu Yining’s sister, Lu Dingning.

This time, the boy finally nodded and smiled: “It’s me, Dad!”

“Ningning, why did you become like this?”

Lu Guohua’s heart is not peaceful.

Thirteen years ago, he and his ex-wife Shu Zhilan divorced, and a pair of twins was also divided into one.

The father and daughter have not been in contact for more than two years. If it were not for the sudden disappearance of his son Lu Yining and the RM company was in a mess, the ex-wife would not give in, and Lu Guohua would not have the opportunity to contact his daughter this time.

It’s just that Lu Guohua doesn’t understand that the ex-wife took away the girl, and now he’s back…

Lu Dingning, who was stared at by his father with weird sad eyes, smiled and explained: “Mom remarried to Mr. Smith. But there are three boys in Mr. Smith’s house. Ma worried that I was bullied by them, so I pretended to be me. Boy.”

As for her file information…

When the mother packed up her luggage after the divorce and left, she accidentally took away Lu Yining’s various documents.

Perhaps because of the certificate, the mother had the idea of having her daughter pretend to be a boy.

Later, the mother also used her brother’s identity information at the time to give her a “new identity”.

Lu Dingning didn’t mention it for the time being.

Lu Guohua then, even said: “That’s good…”

Lu Guohua, who stepped forward and hugged her daughter in a distressed mood, had mixed tastes.

Lu Guohua said again: “Your brother suddenly disappeared and he couldn’t find it. The RM group was in chaos.”

With the rapid development of the Internet, various chat software and video software have risen rapidly. At present, the advantages of the RM chat software are gone, and the market share is quickly seized.

The father and son have already begun to join forces with the world’s No. 1 mobile phone brand Zhuo Nuo Group to save RM.

Prior to this, Lu Yining was already in charge of contacting Zonoji, the founder of Zhuo Nuo Mobile.

But his sudden disappearance caused all plans to be shelved.

That’s why he hurried to trust someone to find his ex-wife in Country F and let Lu Dingning come back.

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