The Demon Kings Game

A competition between the Demon Lords of the Demon World. The cornered Demon Lord, Gremory summoned an unbeatable soldier. ’’I am a professional gamer?’’ The legend of E-sports, fighting against demons!
Title: The Demon Kings Game
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Author: N/A
Genre: Horror
Release: 2019
Page(Chapter): 25
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The Demon Kings Game Chapter 1

The youth looked around with a stunned expression.

A woman wearing a strange outfit was in front of him. The lady seemed to be from the medieval western era. She was a surprising young and beautiful woman wearing an antique dress with a crown on her head.

The woman spoke.

’’Kaiser, I’ve called you here.’’

The youth gazed at the woman with an embarrassed expression.

The woman said in a gentle and calm voice.

’’Invincible Commander Kaiser. You achieved numerous victories in combat at a young age and gained a reputation as an invincible strategist. Am I correct?’’

’’Y-you are but….’’

’’Please lend me your strength. I need you to win a future war.’’

’’War? I…..’’

’’I am one of the 72 Demon Lords, Gremory. I might be in decline but I can still grant you one wish. Please fight for me?’’

’’No, that…..’’


He was speechless as Gremory earnestly stared at him with her beautiful face. He couldn’t refuse her absolute beauty.

But he also couldn’t accept. Because….

‘Excuse me, doesn’t there seem to be seem type of mistake?!’

The youth shouted in his mind.

His name was Lee Shin.

Kaiser was his nickname.

He was a pro gamer belonging to the Air Force professional team.

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