A Love for Three Lives:Monster King Don’t Forget Me

Humans, monsters, demons, and gods divided the Zhongzhou Continent into four parts. The land of humans was the largest, the monster’s and demon’s were the second,while the god’s was the smallest but the fairest. This day, a howling gale suddenly swirled over the world-changing platform, which no one approached all the year-round. After noticing that, all the gods stopped working and looked at there in unison.
Title: A Love for Three Lives:Monster King Don’t Forget Me
Alternative name: 三世情深:魔君,勿忘我
Author: Tang Hua Mo Ge 唐婳墨歌
Genre: Fantasy, Romance
Release: 2019
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Chapter 1 Coming out of the Realm of Demons
Outside the Realm of Demons was a sea, beautiful and dangerous. It was safe to stay on its fringe, while nobody dared to go to the deep sea alone. Even if there were some fellow travelers, no one would have a try easily.

There were cannibal sirens in the deep sea. Sirens could sing attractive songs to deceive people on the ship into jumping into the water, and then sirens would show their nature and eat the people. Although sirens were not very strong and aggressive, they enjoyed a great number of members. On one hand, sirens were supreme in the sea, and no one dared to take risks hunting them. On the other hand, sirens couldn’t go ashore, so people were safe as long as they did not dive into deep waters. In these cases, people let slide the occupation and domination of sirens in the sea, and gradually, the sirens forgot their original identity and ability.

But there was always someone who felt themselves strong and regarded sirens as beasts easy to conquer, so together with a large group of companions, they came here, the place close to the Realm of Demons.

Ronghua saw this ship as soon as she came out of the Realm of Demons. Maybe seeing she was a woman alone on the Realm of Demons, they thought that it must be the demon that caught her here, so they took her with them in good faith. Ronghua was also glad to be at leisure. Only on very rare occasions would people come to her on their own initiative. “This cannot blame me.” She thought.

The ship was getting closer to the deep sea at night. When a group of sirens saw the classy ship, they found that people on the ship were full of spiritual power and smelled quite delicious. These sirens were attracted. However, they knew nothing about the real intention of people on board.

These sirens decided to wait until the middle of the night originally, but the people smelled so delicious that they attracted the sirens to sing songs around the ship immediately. Their singing worked soon. Hearing the songs, people on the ship smiled smugly, thinking, “It seems that the power-restoring fruit sending out spiritual power has worked.”

The people on the ship were busy catching sirens and didn’t notice Ronghua on the deck. She closed her eyes in the night, as if she had been sleeping or enjoying something. Probably only Ronghua knew what she was thinking. After the land of gods was destroyed and she was brought to the Realm of Demons, she ignored the appearance of the night for a long time.

Ronghua was trying to feel the free taste of the night. This had been the first time so far that she could have a night outside Realm of Demons. This night was so beautiful and vivid, like the bound elves could finally fly into the sky. She certainly didn’t sleep. How could she waste time at this moment to sleep? A dark figure appeared next to Ronghua.

“Your Grace, they have been tempted and reached here.” Ronghua opened her eyes, “You have my permission to withdraw. I’ll do the rest myself.”

“Yes.” Then the dark figure disappeared. No one noticed it.

Before Ronghua enjoyed enough, she heard the singing. She opened her eyes and glanced at the busy crowd around her. “Probably sirens are here now! It’s not bad to listen to the songs quietly.” After a while, she saw that the people on the ship began to jump into the sea desperately.

The people started to jump into the sea. But Ronghua just watched and did not do anything to save them. Everyone had his or her own fate, and it was unchangeable.

After a while, people finally remembered something and blocked the sirens’ singing in one way. The people who were about to jump quickly returned to themselves.

But sirens did not only have one way of attack. Being silent for a while, they immediately adopted another method. It was hard for people to see the situation in the sea clearly because of the dark. In the dark night, they saw a long strip-like thing coming towards them, and before their reaction, it pulled them down into the water.

Ronghua glanced at them, not noticing that a siren tagged at her for her position near the ship rail. An algae-like thing flew out from the water and wrapped around Ronghua’s hand, trying to pull her into the sea. Turning to look at the thing on her hand, Ronghua frowned. With a sharp tug at it, she pulled the siren up from the water. The siren fell heavily on the deck, and some people who just returned to themselves were directly stunned by it.

As the leader saw that the siren on the deck still made a fierce look, he kicked at her directly.

“Damn, go away. I almost died here.”

“We cannot let her go. Beat her to death.”

“Burn her with fire.”

“Take her heart out.” People who were almost killed by her were going to kill her, and they wanted to relieve their hate through having her tendons pulled out and her skin torn off. It seemed they forgot why they almost died here.

The siren stared at these people, but she couldn’t hide her greed for Ronghua in her eyes.

Ronghua walked over and looked down at the siren.

“Miss, be careful. This beast might attack you.”

Ronghua ignored his words. Suddenly, she squatted down and stared straight into the siren’s eyes.

“You want to eat me?”

The siren opened her mouth widely, exposing her sharp teeth. She said vaguely, “Spiritual power… your… spiritual power smells delicious.”

Ronghua raised an eyebrow and thought that the siren was too rapacious.

Well, others might not know, but the siren knew it very clear that Ronghua had the greatest spiritual power among this group of people. The siren knew it with smelling.

Ronghua reached out and touched the siren’s head. The siren moved restlessly, yelling at her and wanting to eat her. But Ronghua’s hand added strength secretly, and the siren could not help shaking her head in pain. She was so angry that she wanted to kill Ronghua.

“Want to eat me? I’m afraid your stomach won’t fit!” Ronghua said coldly to the siren in a voice that only the siren could understand.

But the siren yelled angrily at her, and that sound attracted people’s attention. People around shouted at Ronghua’s behavior immediately.

“Be careful, Miss. This beast moves quickly. Be careful if it hurts you.” The person next to the siren hooked her head and caught her body. The siren was frightened by Ronghua’s strength and couldn’t move now.

“Quickly?” Ronghua glanced at the siren, “I don’t think so.” Otherwise, she wouldn’t have pulled the siren up at once.

“Don’t you believe? This beast is really powerful that ordinary guys can’t pull it at all. If you struggle with them, you will just be pulled into the sea by her.” “Powerful? Why could I just pull her up at once?”

“Being pulled into the sea?” Ronghua turned around and glanced at him, “Really?”

Later, Ronghua learned that sirens were beautiful but cruel. They swam fast in the sea and had great strength, and it was difficult to catch them. Sirens were good at using songs to deceive people on the passing ships, making them jump into the sea and then eating them. Besides, sirens especially liked to eat people with great spiritual power, to help themselves give birth to offspring.

Ronghua looked at the horizon, where the sun was about to rise up. With a wave of her hand, the sirens around went away immediately.

This was just an episode for Ronghua. She didn’t pay attention to it, but she just thought that there were opponents in the sea as well.

It was a pity that this sea had no guardians and no rulers. Otherwise, they could be her helpers on the sea. There were guardians on four sides, but this sea was indeed disregarded. She probably shouldn’t have come to the sea by herself.

After arriving at the shore, Ronghua set out and flew towards the land of humans. The sun above her head seemed to be extraordinarily bright today. Standing on a flying boat and enjoying the warmth, Ronghua felt a long-lost feeling of relaxation. Quietly, she blocked the sun with her hand and looked at the sunbeam between her fingers.

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