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The spring after 90s

The spring after 90s
Other names: 90后也有过的春天
Author: Zi Mo
Genre: Urban Novels
Release: Updating
Status: Ongoing


Looking around the vast sea of ​​people, walking hurriedly, once talents lay in the stomach and turned into dung water; the confidant was lost, and the faith plummeted. Even if the tide rises, it is nothing to do nothing. There is Zimo in this world, and Mulan in the next life will follow me. Report to the National Protection of Xinjiang. The ruthless reality burned like fire, but also staggered and staggered. He fell and was strong and potholes all the way, but he was overwhelmed by thorns and thorns, but he loved him and finally watched him again and again. I was injured in the chase of love, learning and struggling together, desperate to live a test paper with a vicissitudes of life, the strength of my life is only for change and backwardness, not worrying about money and showing anxiety and desolation.


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