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Post-80s divorce wave: goodbye, the person on the pillow

Post-80s divorce wave: goodbye, the person on the pillow
Other names: 80后离婚潮:再见,枕边人
Author: Jiang ions.
Genre: other novel
Release: Updating
Status: Ongoing


There are 20 days of divorce every month, and the remaining days are about divorce agreement! Unbearable, his wife Hailey finally agreed to a divorce. Lao Ba Yanfu, the program ape who cleans up and goes out of the house, is not shallow, and the co-renting encounters a young Internet celebrity born in the 90s, chasing the old Ba! Getting better, but there are frequent accidents…

The female manager of the shopping mall operation department Zhou Ningjing, her husband has the right way, and the only trouble is the school district room. Helpless husband Fang Zhiyuan’s ex-girlfriend of green tea, Bai Cheng, went online, and his fighting power was so impressive that he vowed to regain his love.

The battle is officially launched, watch Baicheng show off his sorrow skills, and see how Zhou Ning’s tricks come and go! Lu Zexi, a black-belly plastic surgeon, is an unrestrained and straightforward little girlfriend on one side, and an unreasonable ex-wife on the other, entangled in contradictions… Mabao’s president Mao Jun’s main task is to inherit the family, but his wife Gu Yue is accused of being barren. “If you don’t divorce her, take her away”, my mother gave an ultimatum!


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