Genius cool treasure: President’s wife is too powerful

“Report the president, the company’s website was hacked.” “Check.” “Back to the president, the person brought, is another reduced version of you.” Seeing another little bun that resembled himself, Feng Yichen gritted his teeth: ” Little things, what about your mummy?” Xiao Baozi’s expression calmed down: “Old things, a little better attitude.” Feng Yichen’s eyes were gleaming, his lips sneered: “Boy, you are like your mum, kind of!” Xiao Baozi Disapproval: “My mum said that being a man requires hard bones.

“Five years ago, in a tent with black lights, the woman drunk on her own initiative and attacked him, giving birth to twins and losing one. Five years later, the woman photographed him secretly, cured his hidden illness, and stolen his heart. He took a little bun and abducted his other son to play missing. Feng Yichen vowed to seize the woman’s fierce favor and let her know that it would cost her to take advantage of it.
Title: Genius cool treasure: President’s wife is too powerful
Alternative name: President’s wife is too powerful, 天才酷宝:总裁宠妻太强悍
Author: Helan
Genre: Drama, Romance, Webtoons
Release: 2019
Chapter: 1650
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At four thirty in the morning, it was just dawning.

Jinbei Alpine Wild Resort.

There are several tents standing on the endless lawn, which are a necessity for couples in the resort.


Suddenly a woman’s scream broke dawn’s silence.

Gu Hao suddenly opened his eyes and gave a shock. Who was arguing?

There seemed to be a quarreling sound outside, but it was gone after listening carefully.

Gu Hao moved his body a little, only to feel a headache, his whole body was more painful, and his body seemed to be crushed.


She thought that she finally did the most intimate thing between lovers with Xiao Moteng.

Last night Xiao Moteng prepared a bonfire banquet to confess to her, and her sister Gu Mei looked pale to congratulate her and Xiao Moteng.

Gu Hao drank a glass of wine from his sister and got drunk.

Later, she had a dream and took the initiative to pounce on Xiao Moteng.

The process of changing from a girl to a woman is very painful. It is too intense. He seems to be a love beast in that respect.

“I don’t know–” Sister Gu Mei’s aggrieved voice suddenly came from the outside: “Moteng, I really don’t know how this happened?”

“Hush! Keep your voice quiet, don’t let Gu Hao hear it.”

Xiao Moteng’s voice seemed to be anxiously corrupted.

Gu Hao felt very strange, immediately dressed and crawled out of the tent to find out.

I saw the door of another tent, Xiao Moteng stood there in a state of embarrassment, without wearing a coat, and scratches of nails remained on the smooth and strong back.

Gu Hao quickly walked over: “Mo Teng, why are you here?”

Gu Hao froze there before he finished speaking.

She saw her sister Gu Mei not wearing clothes through the gap of the tent, and there were some traces left on her body. Gu Hao clearly knew that they were only possible when men and women were intimate.

Gu Haoxin raised it all at once, and an ominous premonition struck.

“Gu Hao.” Xiao Moteng couldn’t be silent and explained anxiously: “I drank too much, thought it was you, and the result…”

Like a thunderbolt, Gu Hao thought his head was blown up: “So, do you two really sleep?”

Xiao Moteng’s ashamed look was self-evident.

Gu Mei also hurried to explain: “Well, I didn’t mean it, I really don’t know it will happen”

Gu Haomu circled: They slept, who was she sleeping on?

Fearing her heart, she turned around and ran back to the tent. Only then did she find that a stack of banknotes was placed on the outside of the side of the sleeping bag, and the blood stains on the bed sheets were very heavy.


And a bloody note was added to the banknote-

Miss, if money is not enough, you can come to Shili Huating to find me.

There is also a set of phone numbers.

The two lines of dragon and phoenix dance are vigorous and powerful, and should be a wild and unruly man.

Gu Hao squeezed the wad of money tightly and slept to give it money when she sold it?

Too shameful.

When Gu Hao came out of the tent again, Xiao Moteng and Gu Mei were waiting for her.

Gu Mei stepped forward and took her hand to apologize: “Well, I’m sorry, my sister really didn’t know it would happen.”

Gu Hao was stupefied there.

Gu Mei’s eyes touched Gu Hao’s neck and found traces on it. She exclaimed suddenly: “Ah well, these traces on your neck”

Gu Hao was stiff, and his bright eyes stunned his sister.

Xiao Moteng ran to her in a sudden, staring at her neck with wide eyes, as if confirming something.

The next second, Xiao Moteng held her shoulders excitedly: “Say, who were you with last night? What happened?”

Gu Hao wanted to say: I thought that man was you.

But is it still useful to explain now?

She was simply silent.

Xiao Moteng could not help but growl when she saw her not speaking, “Tell me, who is it?”

“Who is still important?” Gu Hao said indifferently: “Mo Teng, we can’t go back now. You and my sister, forget it, or I bless you.”

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