Final Boss: Urban Physician

Yu Bu traversed into the magical world, activated the Dragon Island, and began to wander on the mainland with the dragon on the island.
You said I can’t do magic? Xiaobing sprayed him! You say your fire magic is invincible in the world? Xiaohuo, let him see what is invincible!

What? Do you have ten great magic guides? Come out, cubs. … Dragon God: No, no, he is the Dragon God, I’m just a handyman.

Archangel: What do you ask me to do? I’m just one of his little admirers.
Dharma God: If I don’t say anything, I’ll leave if I have anything else. So the God of God patted his footprints and left happily. …
Title: I have a Dragon Island
Alternative name: 我有一座神龙岛
Author: Shidongdongyu
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Xuanhuan
Chapter: 820
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Categories: All Novel, Fantasy, Fantasy1


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