Devil President Endless

She, an ordinary orphan girl, has a fateful misery; he, beautiful and beautiful, sits in the entire business empire, and has powerful powers; she has invisibly become a victim of business competition, and she meets him on an ambiguous night, That night, she was under the influence of drugs, and they lingered…
Unexpectedly? She was framed by him as a thief, thinking that he would let her know the truth.

I never thought that he was addicted to her body. In the bathroom, he stared at her gracefulness and pressed tightly; before the flowers, he was tempting her all the time, she was tempting her all the time, she resisted desperately , But gradually sinking…

They are each other’s poppies, poisonous, addictive, bone-eating, heart-plucking… It turned out that the most undesirable at first, no love Chenghuan…
Title: Devil President Endless
Alternative name: City President Sweet Pet , 恶魔总裁缠不休
Author: Bai Xiaoxue
Genre: novel, romance
Release: 2017
Chapter: 481 Finale
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Categories: All Novel, Romance

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