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Ms. Doctor Divine

Ms. Doctor Divine
Other names: 侯门神医大小姐
Author:  9000 Dreams
Genre: Novel, Drama, Historical, Romance
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


“His Royal Highness…you—” She gritted her teeth.

“What’s wrong with me?” He smirked.

She was the eldest lady of the Gu Mansion. She was fat and fat, and cowardly and ugly. She was humiliated and thrown into the lake by her fiance and relatives on the eve of her wedding.

Once reborn, she is the killer of the 21st century, she is a master of both medicine and poison, and she has space in her body and returns with strength.

Say she is ugly? In the blink of an eye, restore the beauty of the city, stunning the world!

A sister who is as poisonous as a snake? No wonder I changed your eight characters, ruined your marriage, and left you alone for a lifetime!

Want to eat the former fiance? You are the son of the world, are you very tugged? She pulled the enchanting man next to him: Your Highness, he wants to snatch your woman.

When a certain enchanting figure moved, the scumbag was swollen into a pig’s head.

The next second, a certain enchanting voice bewitched: “Yan’er, continue the topic just now, I promise to make you happy physically and mentally.”


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