The Judges Chronicles: A Night’s Journey

The judges chronicles continue as a Shavron dives deeper into rebel against the Holy One, a nation of children are kidnapped, and the freedom of a forgotten kingdom is in jeopardy.

Once before the time of the judges and long before Shavron’s rebirth, there was a creature known as the Fallen. This creature was not always known by this name, for it was given to him as an eternal mark of malice for reasons as you will soon read. He hated his Creator and everything that he made, for everything God made reminded the Fallen of God. However before hatred had consumed his heart, the Fallen was created for a noble purpose. Ivornel was commanded by the Holy One to love the new creations with all his being; and since his nature was that of the elegant unicorn, the fallen should have easily
carried out the edict given to him. His skin was snowy white. His mane, which flowed like water over his neck, was a radiance of light, and he had large feathery wings to fly among the clouds.

The unicorn knew of his beauty, in fact, he reveled in it. He was a blessing to the creations around him from the land walkers to the sea dwellers. Ivornel was highly respected, but to the unicorn something was amiss. His heart craved more than smiles of courtesy and gestures of friendship. He wanted to be worshiped too, just like God. The Holy One would receive praises through songs, poetry, and other forms of righteous deeds; all of these things, Ivronel relished for. As far as he was concerned, it was he who was the blessing.
Title: The Judges Chronicles: A Night’s Journey
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Author: Terdell Lee Johnson
Genre: Short Stories Books
Release: 2018
Page: 78
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