The benefit of Good Coffee

The benefits of coffee are as follows: 

  1. The caffeine content from coffee The right amount can help reduce irritability. Depression Including stress, Therefore, drinking coffee Therefore can make the drinkers feel satisfied and happy
  2. Studies have shown that coffee beans contain caffeine. Which has a shocking effect Central nervous system stimulation Stimulates the nervous system Helps to refresh the body Eliminating drowsiness And fatigue
  3. Helps reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease From the research of the University of South Florida It has been revealed that People entering the middle age Should drink 4-5 cups of coffee a day to increase the level of hormone GCSF, a substance that helps reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.
  4. Caffeine in coffee can help to expand the arteries That serve to nourish the heart Which will increase the blood supply to the heart But at the same time causing the arteries in the head area to contract In this woman will be able to help reduce migraine pain as well.
  5. Helps reduce the risk of cancer Several studies have confirmed that drinking 2-5 glasses of coffee a day can reduce the risk of colon cancer. Prostate cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer, and liver cancer Because caffeine helps to stop abnormal cells. And eliminate the toxins that the body receives To a certain extent and also helps to reduce the risk of oral disease.
  6. Studies from the agricultural and food chemical sectors of the United States found that people who like to drink coffee regularly Will have a chance of not having type 2 diabetes up to 50% because coffee has caffeine that has the ability to inhibit hIAPP and polypeptide Which is the cause of abnormal protein Which is the cause of type 2 diabetes 2 But if the coffee drinkers focus on adding a lot of sugar to the coffee It can increase the risk of developing diabetes as well.
  7. Coffee has properties that help nourish the heart. And will help reduce the risk In the occurrence of heart disease
  8. Coffee beans have properties that help reduce blood sugar levels.
  9. The coffee contains nicotine. But is different from those found in cigarettes But is a type of B-complex vitamin that the body needs Which this vitamin Can help reduce cholesterol in the blood vessels
  10. Drinking coffee after a meal Will helps dissolve fat Causes the fat to break down And provide renewable energy And coffee is also beneficial to the stomach directly Increased gastric juice in the stomach and pancreas Cause fat to be burned Drinking coffee can help reduce obesity.
  11. There is research indicating that caffeine Helps stimulate the body’s energy use Causing the fat to decompose more Many people like to drink coffee. Because it may help lose weight
  12. Helps increase good cholesterol (HDL) that is beneficial to the body From the research, it is found that people who drink coffee frequently Will have more good fats This type of fat helps to expel cholesterol. And helps prevent arteriosclerosis
  13. Can coffee drink also help prevent asthma Relieve asthma as coffee contains caffeine which helps to suppress the tension of the sensory reserve? Therefore helps to reduce the occurrence of asthma
  14. Harvard University research shows that women who drank 4 cups of coffee a 25% lower risk of gallbladder disease, as well as previous research that men who Drink coffee regularly Will help reduce the risk of gallstones in the gallbladder
  15. Drinking coffee can help prevent the hepatitis B virus.
  16. May help reduce the incidence of liver disease from drinking alcohol. Because the survey found that coffee can help reduce the adverse effects on the liver But in this part, further research is needed to determine which substances are useful.
  17. Coffee has a diuretic effect.
  18. Helps reduce the chance of gout
  19. Drinking 2 cups of coffee a day may help reduce muscle pain after exercise by approximately 58%.
  20. The University of Bari study in Italy Found that drinking 1-2 glasses of coffee a day can help prevent eyelid disease. And also helps to reduce spasms to slow down in patients
  21. Coffee contains antioxidants. Which is an aid against internal and external toxins
  22. Coffee can slow down aging. Although the body really needs more oxygen But if there is too much oxygen, it may lead to the possibility of cancer and aging fast Especially in concentrated coffee will cause the oxide to break down to reduce the occurrence of cancer.
  23. Coffee contains a compound called Trigonelline, a substance that makes coffee fragrant and bitter. This substance is effective in helping to prevent bacteria and the formation of bacteria. Therefore able to help prevent tooth decay
  24. The smell of coffee yet Can help reduce appetite and help restore the sense of smell And the theory can also be used with experimental animals
  25. In the field of nutrition, Drinking coffee helps the body to get sufficient amounts of liquid each day. In addition, coffee also contains niacin, a type of vitamin B that is beneficial to the body. And drinking coffee can also help increase energy for the body.
  26. Coffee beans can help freshen the breath. The method is to take the coffee beans for a moment. Your breath will smell clean and fresh again.
  27. It helps eliminate food odors. Same as lemon If your hands smell fish Garlic smell Or strong food odors that are difficult to come off A small amount of coffee bean can help eliminate unwanted odors. The method is to pour the coffee beans on hand and hold together for a moment. And the coffee bean oil will help absorb the smell After that, wash your hands with warm water and soap to clean again.
  28. Nowadays, coffee beans are collected from ripe fruits and then processed into many products, such as instant coffee. Ready to drink coffee Various types of processed beverages mixed in pastries, ice cream, desserts, candies, candies, or extracted from caffeine. To be mixed in medicine Or in the cosmetic industry

Although coffee has many benefits, coffee is also a penalty as well. Regardless of the vegetation Must have both benefits and harm In parallel so as not to cause people to drink, consume, use in excessive amounts Until the consequences as a consequence, therefore, the following harms of coffee 

  1. Coffee has the effect of being a mild drug. People who drink coffee often have to drink regularly. Also known as “coffee addiction” and this may be the cause That makes many people drink coffee today
  2. Just a cup of coffee can increase blood sugar levels because most people tend to have a habit of drinking coffee with sugar, sweetened condensed milk or using non-dairy creamer, which if regularly drank May cause other diseases followed
  3. True, coffee can make the body feel alive, not sleepy, not tired, but on the other hand. If the body receives more than 150 milligrams of caffeine per day This caffeine Will interfere with sleep Causing it to become difficult to sleep So he could not sleep well Making the sleep period shorter And causing the body to not get full rest Resulting in the weakened body as well as other diseases
  4. There are suggestions that people with high blood pressure should avoid drinking high amounts of coffee Because the study found that 250 milligrams of caffeine causes the blood pressure to rise both upper and lower in all groups But is even higher in patients with blood pressure higher than 1.5 times the normal blood pressure group
  5. Those who regularly drink coffee To become a habit If you stop drinking coffee suddenly Or didn’t drink coffee a day Will begin to feel a headache Feeling restless The body is tired and sleepy.
  6. Coffee contains theobromine, which can cause pain in the epigastric region.
  7. Drinking coffee may cause the heart Dance faster than usual Or can’t dance in rhythm Because the caffeine in coffee has direct stimulation of the heart muscle. Resulting in increased compression rates and increased blood flow per minute
  8. Be careful when drinking coffee on an empty stomach. Because coffee has the ability to reduce the absorption of iron Also not suitable for People with gastritis Because caffeine will accelerate the secretion of gastric acid. Until causing stomach pain
  9. Caffeine has the effect of stimulating the secretion of pepsin and gastric acid, which can aggravate peptic ulcer disease.
  10. Women shouldn’t drink many cups of coffee per day because of drinking a lot of coffee. Can reduce the integrity of the body down
  11. Coffee has a diuretic effect. And will reduce the reabsorption of sodium, potassium, and calcium from the kidneys Causing these minerals to be excreted with urine If the body frequently loses calcium from the body in large amounts then it may increase risk factors. To osteoporosis Of menopausal women