Chapter 4 The Tang Family

Aunt Feng was stunned for a moment, then her face became a little ugly, and she pulled Qin Jun and said.

“Xiaojun, don’t be arrogant. The East China Sea today is no longer the East China Sea it used to be. People like us are not good enough to say that they are not as good as a bereaved dog.”

Feng Juan has suffered a lot during this period.

Since that incident ten years ago, Feng Juan has been hiding in Tibet, very embarrassed.

A few years ago, I felt safe and sound. Feng Juan secretly returned to the house to take a look. The house has become a scenic spot, so even if there are tourists on weekdays, they just take a look outside. No Someone will come in.

Feng Juan would come to clean every once in a while. During the Chinese New Year, she would repost the Spring Festival couplets, and she would offer memorial tablets for the old lady at home.

As a result, Feng Juan’s behavior was discovered a few months ago.

Imprisoned her in this dog cage, with a few dogs outside, preventing her from getting out.

Someone came over and threw some leftovers at intervals.

When she was in a good mood, she threw the steamed bun leftovers into the cage and let her eat a full meal.

When she is in a bad mood, she throws it out, and Feng Juan has to grab something to eat from the dog.

Feng Juan’s hands are all scratched and bloody. For several months, life is better than death.

Those people neither killed her nor let her go, they just wanted to torture her like that.

Qin Jun embraced Aunt Feng, his expression became much calmer, but the calmer, the deeper the anger in his heart.

Entering the room, what you see is a mess, as if stolen, messy.

Qin Jun helped Aunt Feng into a room, made the bed clean, and let Aunt Feng lie down.

Hold her wrist with her left hand, and check her pulse with three fingers on her right.

“Xiaojun, you…”

Feng Juan was a little surprised by Qin Jun’s professional pulse diagnosis.

“Where have you been all these years? How did you survive?”

Eighteen members of the Qin family were murdered. If Aunt Feng happened to take Qin Jun out, the two of them would not be spared.

Later, when those people learned that Qin Jun was not dead, they started chasing him wildly.

The two were separated while fleeing, Feng Auntie fled back to her hometown in the countryside for several years, but Qin Jun disappeared. For so many years, she always thought that he was also murdered.

Qin Jundao said, “I was rescued by Ye’s sister and escaped for a while. Later, I left Donghai and met a hermit master. I went up the mountain with him and studied art for ten years.”

Qin Jun’s words are very simple, and his tone and expression are also very relaxed.

But Feng Juan knew that Qin Jun must have suffered a lot.

Soon, Qin Jun raised his wrist.

“Aunt Feng, don’t worry, your body is good. It’s just that you have suffered a little bit in the past few months, and you have been bitten by those vicious dogs, and there is some inflammation in your body. Gua Sha acupuncture and moxibustion is fine.”

Feng Juan nodded stupidly. She really couldn’t imagine that the young master, who used to stretch out his hands for food and open his mouth, had to suffer so much to learn this art of medicine.

Qin Jun bought some food for Aunt Feng outside. He was sick and shouldn’t eat fat and greasy food. He chose some light rice porridge and eggs, and boiled Chinese medicine for her to take.

“Aunt Feng, now tell me, who trapped you here?”

Qin Jun seemed to ask casually, but in his tone, there was still uncontrollable anger.

Eighteen members of the family were destroyed. There are not many relatives of Qin Jun in the world. After such abuse, he must return it a hundred times.

Aunt Feng took Qin Jun’s hand, her eyes showed worry.

“Master, don’t go, you can’t beat them!”

Qin Jun smiled faintly, “Don’t worry Aunt Feng, I have my own measures.”

Qin Jun’s words are beyond doubt.

Feng Juan hesitated for a moment, and still spoke.

“It’s the Tang Family…”

Qin Jun frowned.

“The Tang family? Isn’t that my mother’s natal family? In other words, the two are married. Even if the Tang family is unwilling to help, it shouldn’t be justified.”

Feng Juan sighed, “Master, since your grandfather passed away, your second grandfather has inherited the position of Patriarch of the Tang family. Over the years, the Tang family has tried very hard to put aside the relationship with the Qin family. Like an enemy.”

Qin Jun clenched his fist slightly.

Even though the second grandfather and the Qin family are not directly related, they are still married families. The Qin family has been so miserable, and it is really hateful that they have fallen into such trouble.

However, since his Qin Jun is back, all this will change.

Since you don’t treat me as relatives, I don’t need to treat you as people.

“Okay, I see, Aunt Feng, you go to bed earlier.”

Qin Jun covered Aunt Feng with a quilt and closed the door.

From the baggage he carried with him, he took out a sharp knife and slaughtered the three vicious dogs in the yard.

At this time, the Tang family was happy and happy.

“Big brother, today is your birthday. I originally wanted to celebrate in the restaurant, but when I think we are also a big family, the banquet is better at home.”

It was the third son of the Tang family who was speaking. In terms of seniority, it should be Qin Jun’s third aunt.

Most of those present are Qin Jun’s aunts and uncles back then.

Since Tang Longmin became the head of the Tang family, his eldest son, Tang Tianhao, has been in the best position. He will be the heir of the Tang family. The future head of the family will naturally be flattered.

The huge courtyard of the Tang family was full of guests at this time. They came today to celebrate Tang Tianhao’s birthday.

“President Tang, the status of the Tang family in the East China Sea is now rising. Will there be a chance to be among the four major families in the future?”

“Haha, let’s just say that Mr. Tang Yingming Shenwu has developed better and better in the past few years, and he has become one of the four major families. That is just around the corner.”

“Don’t you see that the four big families have been vacant for a place? That is for our Tang family!”

Four major families in the East China Sea, piano, chess, calligraphy and painting.

Qi family, Shu family, Hua family.

And Qin was the Qin family back then.

The Qin family was killed, and the four major families were always empty. Many families were vying for this position. Of course, the Tang family was the most competitive.

As the mainstay of the Tang family, Tang Tianhao is in his prime of life, and his career development is excellent. After he becomes the head of the family, it is very likely that the Tang family will be among the four major families.

However, because the Tang family and the Qin family were married families, this nepotism had a great influence on them.

Therefore, the Tang family disregarded the marriage relationship that year, and severely suppressed the Qin family, even if it was a nanny, he had to kill him.

Let the other three companies see their performance, and let the world know that the Tang family has nothing to do with the Qin family back then.

Tang Tianhao raised his glass, but did not get up.

“Today, Tang’s birthday, thank you all the guests for showing their faces, don’t be polite and have a few more glasses.

Tang Tianhao took a sip and raised his glass.

Mr. Tang made a toast, that was to give them a face, everyone naturally wanted to continue, stood up one by one, and drank it respectfully.

In the midst of the excitement, suddenly a bodyguard came in at the door and said.

“President Tang, there is another person at the door, and he is still carrying things, as if he is coming to celebrate his birthday, but…worn in shabby clothes, not like a high class person.”

President Tang passed his birthday, and ordinary people were naturally not qualified to come.

Tang Tianhao said, “It’s okay, even if it’s a beggar, as long as you say something auspicious to Tang, you can order food for him and send it away.”


The bodyguard was about to go out, and the shabby youth in his mouth had already walked in.

Standing at the door, Qin Jun looked cold, looking at the lively guests inside, and said coldly.

“Tang Tianhao, get out.”

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