Chapter 3 Old Qin Family

A few minutes later, I wish the old man a stable condition and was sent to the VIP ward to rest.

After some examination, he was in good health.

This kind of sudden acute illness, as long as it survives then, it will be much easier to deal with later.

When these doctors examined Mr. Zhu, they were all amazed.

The genius doctor, this is the real genius doctor.

Doctors now rely too much on machines, so many diseases are not easy to treat. Traditional Chinese medicine like Qin Jun is really rare.

At a young age, he has such brilliant medical skills, which is really amazing.

Zhu Yong sat in front of the hospital bed, frowning and thinking, who was the young man just now?

Since he is called Uncle Zhu, he should be recognized by him.

Zhu Yong has been riding the mall for so many years, who has met with disrespectful and respectful calls to Mr. Zhu? I haven’t heard the intimate name of Uncle Zhu for a long time.

Is it possible…

It’s him?

Before long, Zhu Yong’s daughter Zhu Linlin rushed to the hospital.

“Where is Grandpa! How is Grandpa?!”

“Shhh! Your grandpa is okay, now I’m asleep.”

Zhu Linlin was relieved.

“It’s okay. I heard that Grandpa was saved by a young doctor. How about people?”

Zhu Yong shook his head, “Already gone.”

“Gone? Didn’t thank you very much?”

Zhu Yong suddenly raised his head, looked at his daughter, and said.

“Do you remember that our neighbor, Uncle Qin’s house when I was young?”

Zhu Linlin was stunned, “Remember, I always went to their house when I was young, and then Uncle Qin’s family was murdered…Did you not let me mention this, dad?”

When the Qin family was murdered, the entire East China Sea was shaken without a lifetime.

However, with the passage of time, the Qin family faded away from the impression of everyone.

Now the Qin family has become a taboo. Among these big families, we must not mention the Qin family back then, otherwise our life will not be guaranteed.

So even the Zhu family who had made friends with the Qin family did not dare to mention it again.

Zhu Yong said, “There are some things that you didn’t know when you were young. The Qin family was killed. Later, the police blocked the scene. I was right by the side and did not find Qin Jun’s body.”

“Brother Qin Jun? You mean, Brother Qin Jun is not dead?” Zhu Linlin exclaimed.

Zhu Yong looked solemn and nodded.

“The young man who saved your grandfather just now called me Uncle Zhu. Depending on his age, he should be similar to yours. I feel… he is the old Qin family back then!”

Zhu Linlin smiled with joy, “It’s great that Brother Qin Jun is not dead, Dad, why don’t you look unhappy?”

Zhu Yong smiled bitterly, “Of course I am happy that Xiaojun is not dead, but Xiaojun is a child with a heavy mind and a bad temper. I am afraid it will not be that simple when he comes back.”

If the young man is really an old member of the Qin family, returning to the East China Sea will naturally be revenge.

But how can you fight those powers with just that medical skill?

Of course, Zhu Yong never expected that Qin Jun possessed more than just that medical skill.

Carrying a burden, Qin Jun came to an ancient city in the western suburbs of Donghai City. It is now a scenic area with some renovated old houses.

Old, but very valuable.

In such a modern metropolis, there are few single houses of this kind of courtyard.

For ten years, these places have not changed much.

I have to say that the preserved here is still very good, almost as Qin Jun remembered.

Walking into a courtyard inside, and seeing his former home, Jun Qin felt complicated.

Except for the disappearance of the original plaque with the words “Qin Mansion” at the door, everything is in its original form.

The couplet at the door seems to be new this year. It seems that there are still people living here?

At that time, Qin Jun’s family of 18 members, except for the nanny Feng Aunt and 12-year-old Qin Jun, had no one’s life, it is impossible…

Qin Jun opened the door and walked into the courtyard.

Although there are weeds on the ground, there are still traces of inhabitation.

After a few steps, dogs barked in the yard.

Qin Jun frowned and walked into the inner courtyard.

What caught my eye was a large square iron cage. Inside the iron cage, a crouched figure was curled up in the corner. In front of him was a broken bowl with some stale food left in the bowl.

Outside, three vicious dogs tied with iron chains, the big black wolfhound, stood up as high as one person, with foam on their mouths, roaring with canthus and fangs.

Qin Jun ignored them, walked to the cage, looked at the beggar-like character inside, and asked.

“who are you?”

The beggar raised his head, with long hair and haggard face, he could see that he was a middle-aged woman, with horror in his eyes.

Hearing Qin Jun’s question, he couldn’t help but shrank back, not daring to speak.

The appearance of adults has basically not changed much. Even after ten years, Qin Jun can see at a glance that the woman in front of him is their Qin family’s nanny, Aunt Feng.

“Aunt Feng? Is that you, Aunt Feng?”

Feng Juan was stunned for a moment, and raised her head, with a trace of doubt in her eyes full of fear.

“You…who are you?”

Qin Jun’s face gradually sank, and he squeezed his fists.

“Aunt Feng, I am Xiaojun.”

Feng Juan’s horrified eyes suddenly became confused, and then, with ecstasy, tears burst into her eyes instantly.

“Master…you are the master! You are not dead…it is great!”

Although Aunt Feng was just a nanny, she grew up with Qin Jun and was half a mother to Qin Jun. Now that she has been abused in this way, Qin Jun is furious.

“Aunt Feng, come out!”

Qin Jun opened the iron cage to bring Aunt Feng out.

Feng Juan’s face changed drastically, “Master, be careful!”

As soon as Qin Jun opened the cage door, the three vicious dogs tied to the iron chain rushed over in an instant. The length of the iron chain was obviously calculated, and it happened to be able to touch the iron door.

The purpose is to prevent Feng Juan from coming out.

These three vicious dogs are terribly fierce. Feng Juan has been bitten by them several times. She knows how powerful they are. I didn’t remind Qin Jun what to do now! ?

Three vicious dogs rushed over, Qin Jun let out a cold snort, his wrist flicked, and three silver lights shot out at the same time!

Puff puff!

In the blink of an eye, the vicious dog who had rushed over dropped his head halfway, foaming at the mouth.

A silver needle is inserted in the necks of the three dogs, in the same position, the acupuncture point that kills them.

Feng Juan’s eyes widened. She hadn’t seen the scene just now. She only felt that the three dogs had fallen down as soon as the young master waved his hand.

Qin Jun walked into the cage and helped Aunt Feng up.

The prolonged abuse made Feng Juan weak and weak. In addition, she had been bitten by a dog and was also infected with rabies. If Qin Jun hadn’t appeared in time, I am afraid that Aunt Feng would not last a few days.

Seeing Qin Jun, Feng Juan burst into tears.

“Master is safe. It’s great for you to be alive. Go home and take a look, then go!”

Qin Jun held Aunt Feng with deep eyes.

“I’m back this time, I’m not going to leave.”

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