The Underworld Gangster Is A Little Adorable

The female lead, Ye Yao changed his name to Bai Fei, she disguised as a man and hidden in the City A’s most influential family, Ling’s family, she become right arm and close friend of Young Master Ling. Young Master Ling, who known to be unconventional and unrestrained. Until a special mission, Bai Fei, dressed as a woman, finally she, who was drunk, couldn’t hide herself and kissed the Ling Ye …

The Underworld Gangster Is A Little Adorable
Alternative Name: Bodyguard In Disguise, 这个黑道有点萌
Genre: Action, Manhua, Romance
Author: Flute Pictures-Spoon/Two Cats
Release: 2019
Status: ongoing

Categories: Chinese Manhua, Comic

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