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Occasionally Diary: Happy Dictionary of Pregnant Mothers

Occasionally Diary: Happy Dictionary of Pregnant Mothers
Other names: 偶得日记:孕妈妈开心辞典
Author:  sixty-six
Genre:  Romance
Release: Updating
Status: Ongoing


“Double-sided tape” and “Snail House” author Liuliu, about the different feelings of pregnancy, humor, wisdom, and agility. Expectant moms and dads love to read! I am a mother first, and a teacher who loves young children. In the end, I have to admit, well, I am a writer who feeds on words. I am as mindful of writing as I am about marriage, let’s go and see. Young woman six or six, fearing the trend of middle-aged walking mother-in-law, she expresses the depression in her chest in fear and trembling with pen and ink. She hopes to achieve family harmony and is inadvertently inserted into the willows. She believes in writing for several years and authored “Wang Gui and Anna”. , “Double-sided Adhesive”, “Snail House” and other works, if the words can make you smile, you will be considered a success.


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