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I’m an overbearing princess

I’m an overbearing princess
Other names: 偶是霸道公主
Author:  Autumn Yaya
Genre:  Other
Release: Updating
Status: Ongoing


I am Xia Muxi, an invincible beautiful girl who sees love, flowers bloom, cars see cars, and beer will automatically flip over when she sees them. She resolutely ran away from home at her engagement banquet, but suddenly fell from the sky and hit a hundred years old. The peerless beautiful man I saw… and transferred to Fort St. Iro, the Super Noble Academy, and accidentally offended the five halls that no one knew about within 200 miles! At this point, her high school career became thrilling because of a ridiculous doll affinity with the Five Halls! Funny things happen from time to time. See how my Xia Muxi took my four bodyguards from Yushu Linfeng around Fort San*Iro!


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