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VIP pet system, husband must hug

“VIP pet system, husband must hug”
Other names: VIP宠制,老公要抱抱
Author: Thinking early
Genre: Novel
Release: Updating
Status: Ongoing


He is the president of the EL Group, with high IQ and good looks. Countless women are eager for him, but Xu Mubai is afraid to avoid him. The man was obviously bored, cold and black, domineering and perverted, and liked to pretend to be serious. It just broke a ring of him, but was planted and framed and forced her to be responsible! Xu Mubai wondered: “Where do you really like me?” “You look like my wife.” “I’m good.” “Your personality is like my wife.” “I change!” “You are my wife.” “… “After marriage, Xu Mubai tweeted: What should I do if my husband is always a serious poultry? Urgent, wait online…


Chapter 1 The Mysterious Man
Chapter 2 No one dares to say that the ring is not good
Chapter 3 Kneeling and Suicide Heart
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