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101 Sony Ericsson: Sweet Little Wife”

101 Sony Ericsson: Sweet Little Wife
Other names: 101次索爱:蜜宠小冷妻
Author: Panda Little Fortunes
Genre: Novel, Romance
Release: Updating
Status: Ongoing


He is the most powerful national male god, and once made her feel heartbroken. When he meets again, he viciously pushes her against the corner. “As long as you come back to me, I can give you anything.” The man opened his lips lightly and whispered ambiguously in her ear. She looked at him coldly, with a charm at the corner of her mouth, “Master Shao, tonight, I am yours…” · Three years ago, Shao Huaiqian held her in her palm. She felt that she was the happiest woman in the world. .

However, falling from heaven to the bottom was only overnight. She became a bargaining chip he used to trade, and personally gave her to another man. She begged him bitterly: I’m pregnant, don’t want anything, just ask you to let me keep this child. He sneered: Whose wild species is he pregnant? Knock it out! Three years later, I didn’t expect to meet again. She fled, he chased him, in her world, he became her existence like a nightmare! “Is that woman not satisfied with you? Shao Huaiqian, let me go.” The man smiled evilly: “Want to go, next life!” He wants to possess not only her body, but also her heart…


Chapter 1 It was designed
Chapter 2 Hold More Tighter
Chapter 3 You Give Me Medicine
Chapter 4 We broke up
Chapter 5 The Scum
Chapter 6 don’t pretend to be here
Chapter 7 A Stronger Man
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