“The Godfather” is a novel written by American writer Mario Puzo and the number one best-selling book in the history of American publishing. Tell a series of stories that happened after Michael became a mafia.

“Godfather” the main character Mai Ke is a member of the Corleone family, is a “good student”, his father is a mafia, but because he refused to cooperate with other gangs to sell drugs, was assassinated. During the negotiation, he killed representatives of five gangs and a police chief, and hid in Italy to avoid the limelight. After returning home, Michael became the new leader of the Mafia.
Title: godfather
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Author: Mario Puzo
Genre: Foreign Literature, novel
Release: October 08, 2018
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Amerigo Bonneserra sits in the Third Criminal Court of New York, waiting for justice to be served, waiting for retribution to fall on the two guys. They tried to defile his daughter and cruelly hurt her.

The judge is burly, and he rolled up the sleeves of his black robe, as if he was about to punish the two young men standing in front of the judge’s bench. He looked cold and disdainful. However, there was something wrong with all of this in front of me. Americo Bonassella felt it, but didn’t understand it at the moment.

Table of Content:

Chapter 1.1
Chapter 1.3
Chapter 1.2
Chapter 1.4

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