God Chapter 1.3

Hagen watched this scene without saying a word, his eyes full of admiration. Tang often teaches everyone to express generosity in his own style. A person like Anthony Coppola, a big man like Tang actually asks others to borrow money for him to do things, you say how flattered he would be. It’s not that Coppola didn’t know that Tang was a millionaire, but that a few millionaires would suffer even a little inconvenience because of poor friends?

Tang raised his head, as if to ask who was next. Hagen replied, “Luka Brazi, not on the list, but he wants to see you. He understands that he is shameless, but he wants to congratulate you in person.”

For the first time Tang showed an unpleasant look, he answered round the corner. “Need to see him?” he asked.

Hegen shrugged. “You know him better than me. But you invited him to the wedding. He was already grateful to Dade. He didn’t expect you to ask him. It is estimated that he would like to express his gratitude.”

Don Corleone nodded and gestured to bring Luca Brazi to see him.

In the garden, Luca Brazi’s swollen and violent face scared Kay Adams. She asked Michael about him. The reason why Michael brought Kay to the wedding was to let her understand the true face of his father slowly so as not to be surprised. But so far, she seems to regard Tang only as a less-compliant businessman. Michael decided to go around and tell her part of the truth.

He explained that Luca Brazi is one of the most terrifying characters in the underworld in the eastern region. It is said that the number one talent is to be able to perform killing tasks single-handedly, without the assistance of accomplices, so it is impossible for the law to discover his crimes and convict him. Michael made a grimace and said, “I don’t know how much of these claims are true, but I know that he is considered a friend of my father.”

Kay finally understood a little bit, and she asked dubiously: “Aren’t you trying to say that this kind of person is your father’s subordinate?”

He didn’t want to take too much into consideration, and responded bluntly: “Almost fifteen years ago, several people wanted to take away my father’s imported oil business. They assassinated him and almost succeeded. Luca Brazi went to the door and rumored him Killed six people in two weeks and ended the famous olive oil war.” He smiled as if he was joking.

Kay shivered: “You mean your father was let go by the gangster?”

“Fifteen years ago,” said Michael, “it has been calm since then.” He was afraid that he would say too much.

“You want to scare me, don’t you?” Kay said, “Just tell me if you don’t want to marry me.” She smiled and poked his side ribs with her elbow. “Very smart.”

Michael smiled back and said, “I just hope you think about it.”

“He really killed six people?” Kay asked.

“The newspaper said so,” Mike said. “There is no evidence anyway. However, there is one thing about him that no one would want to say. It is probably too horrible, even my father would avoid talking about it. Tom Hagen knows, but doesn’t Ken told me. Once I joked with him and said,’How old do I have to be to be able to listen to Luca?’ Tom replied,’A hundred years old.’ “Michael took a sip of red wine. “Things are definitely not trivial. Luca is certainly not an ordinary person.”

The devil of hell was also afraid when he saw Luca Brazi. He was short and sturdy with a thick skeleton. The sirens rang wherever he appeared. His face always looks fierce. The eyes are brown, but there is no warmth of this color, but a lifeless yellow-brown. The mouth is not so cruel as it is lifeless: thin lips, rubbery texture, color like tender beef.

Blaze’s brutal reputation is daunting, but his loyalty to Don Corleone is also well known. There are several pillars supporting Tang’s power building, and he is one of them. His role is not common.

Luca Brazi is not afraid of the police, of society, of God, of hell, of not afraid of or loving his companions. However, he chose to respect and love Don Corleone willingly. The terrible Blazi came to Tang, respectful and at a loss. He stammered and said some icing on the cake, earnestly wishing Tang’s first grandson would be a boy. He presented an envelope filled with cash as a gift to the bride and groom.

This is his whole purpose. Hegen noticed the change of Don Corleone. Tang’s reception of Brazi is like the emperor’s meeting with a courtier who made a great contribution, not particularly intimate, but with the dignity of a king. Every gesture and every sentence of Don Corleone shows that he values ​​Luca Brazi very much. He didn’t show the slightest surprise when Blazy handed the gift to him himself. He understands the meaning.

There must be more money in the envelope than others gave. Blazi considered it for several hours before deciding the amount, which was compared with the amount that other guests might send. He wanted to be the most generous person to show that he respected Tang the most, so he had to hand the envelope to Tang himself. Of course it was awkward to do so, but Tang ignored it and only expressed his gratitude in nice words. Hegan watched Luca Brazi’s fierce face become full of pride and joy. Blazy kissed the back of Don’s hand and walked out of the door that Hagen opened for him. Hegen smiled to Brazz not more or less, the short man politely pulled the tender beef-colored rubber lips in return.

The door closed slowly, and Don Corleone let out a breath. Only Blazi in the world can make him nervous. This guy is like the power of nature, it is not an object that can be tamed. He must be treated with the same care as explosives. Tang shrugged. Even explosives can be detonated without causing harm. He looked at Hagen inquisitively, “Is only Bonner Serra left?”

Hegen nodded. Don Corleone frowned and thought, then said, “Send Santino over before you bring him in. He should learn a little bit.”

Hagen came to the garden, searching for Sonny Corleone eagerly. He asked Bonner Serra to wait patiently, walked to Michael Corleone and his girlfriend, and asked, “Did you see Sonny?” Michael shook his head. Damn, Hagen thought to himself, if Sonny is still making a bridesmaid, it’s in trouble. If Sonny’s wife and bridesmaid’s family find out, it will be a disaster. He hurried to the door where Sonny had entered half an hour ago.

Seeing Hagen walking into the house, Kay Adams asked Michael Corleone: “Who is he? You introduced him as your brother, but he and you are not a surname, and they are not Italian by any means.”

“Tom has lived with us since he was twelve,” Michael said. “His parents died, he was wandering on the street, and his eyes were seriously infected. One night, Sonny took him home, and he has lived since then. He There is no other place to go. I move out after we get married.”

Kay Adams became excited. “How romantic,” she said, “your father must be a warmhearted man. He already has several children, and he adopted another one without saying a word.”

Michael was too lazy to explain that the Italian immigrants felt that the four children weren’t many, and he just replied: “I didn’t adopt Tom, he just lived with us.”

“Oh,” Kay said, then curious again, “Why not adopt him?”

Michael laughed: “Because my father said that to change Tom’s surname is not to respect him, to Tom’s biological parents.”

They saw Hagen drove Sonny through the French double door, into Tang’s office, and then hooked his finger at Amerigo Bonner Serra. “Why would they bother your father with business affairs on a day like this?” Kai asked.

Michael smiled again: “Because they know that according to tradition, Sicilians cannot refuse requests on the day their daughters get married, and no Sicilian will let this opportunity slip away.”

Lucy Mancini rolled up the pink dress and ran down the stairs. Sonny Corleone’s thick-browed, big-eyed Eros face was irritated by alcohol and lust, scaring her out of her body, but she teased him for a week, originally for this. She had two romances in college. Not only did she feel nothing, but both times did not exceed a week. When quarreling with the second lover, he complained about what she “below is too big”. Lucy understood, and refused to go on any more appointments until the end of the semester.

In the summer, she helped her best friend Connie Corleone prepare for the wedding and heard people gossiping about Sonny. One Sunday afternoon, in the kitchen of Corleone’s house, Sonny’s wife, Sandra, spoke absolutely without taboo. Sandra is a good-tempered vulgar woman who was born in Italy and came to America as a child. She is physically strong and has huge tits. She has been married for five years and has given birth to three children. Sandra and the other women tease Connie with horror stories about the marriage bed. “My God,” Sandra chuckled. “At first glance, I saw Sonny’s iron rod and thought he would stab it into my body. I was frightened to call for help. The first year passed. , I have cooked it like macaroni for an hour. Every time I hear that he sleeps with other girls, I go to church to light a candle.”

They laughed, only Lucy felt the tightness between her legs.

She ran up the stairs and rushed to Sonny, her uncontrollable desires flowing all over her body. Arriving on the corner platform, Sonny grabbed her hand and dragged her down the corridor into an empty bedroom. The door closed behind her, and her legs were weak. She felt Sonny’s mouth close to hers, his lips smelled of burnt tobacco, and she opened her mouth. Sonny’s hand touched the bridesmaid’s dress, and the separated clothes made a rustle. Lucy felt a hot hand inserted between her legs, separated the silk panties, and caressed her pussy. She put her arms around his neck and hung in the air, waiting for him to untie his trousers.

He took her naked buttocks with his hands and lifted her up. She jumped slightly, her legs wrapped around his thighs. His tongue stuck into her mouth and she sucked hard. He slammed her head against the door desperately. She felt something hot passing between her legs. Her right hand loosened his neck and went down to guide him. She held a huge blood-filled stick in her hand. The meat stick was pulsating in her hands, like a small animal. She almost cried out because of ecstasy and gratitude, leading the thing into her wet, swollen body.

The thorn when she entered, the unimaginable pleasure made her scream in surprise, and she almost lifted her legs up and tied his neck. Her body was like a quiver, accepting his wild sharp arrow, piercing like lightning. ;I don’t know how many times, she suffered from torture; her pelvis was raised higher and higher, and finally trembling for the first time in her life to reach the climax, his hard relaxation, semen flooded down the thigh like a flood. Her legs tucked around him slowly loosened, sliding down and falling back to the ground. The two snuggled to each other, panting.

The two could have been intimate for a while, but the light knock on the door interrupted them. Sonny quickly buttoned his pants and blocked the door of the house with his body to prevent people from coming in. Lucy flattened her pink robe in a panic, her eyes gleaming, but the countless joys that brought her were hidden in the solemn black dress. They heard Tom Hagen’s deep cry: “Sanny, are you inside?”

Sonny let out a sigh of relief and winked at Lucy, “Yes, Tom, what’s the matter?”

Hegen’s voice was still very low: “Don wants you to go to his office. Right now.” Sonny and Lucy heard his footsteps walking away. Sonny waited for a few seconds, waiting for Lucy to kiss his lips vigorously, then slipped out of the door and followed Hagen.

Lucy combed her hair, checked her clothes, and pulled up the garter belt. Her body felt bruised, and her soft lips hurt. She walked out of the room. Although she felt that her legs were sticky and wet, she did not go to the bathroom to clean, but went straight down the stairs to the garden. She returned to the bride’s table and sat down beside Connie. Connie exclaimed in sullenness, “Lucy, where have you been? Why do you seem to be drunk, and now you are not allowed to go away.”

The blonde groom pours a glass of wine to Lucy, and smiles empathically. Lucy didn’t care. She brought the crimson wine to her hot lips and took a sip. She felt wet and sticky between her legs, so she moved her legs together. Her body was shaking. As she drank, she hungrily searched for Sonny Corleone across the glass. She is not interested in seeing anyone else. She bit Connie’s ear and said playfully: “In a few hours, you will know what’s going on.” Connie chuckled. Lucy dignifiedly folded her hands on the table, but couldn’t hide the joy on her face, as if she had stolen some treasure from the bride.

Amerigo Bonneserra followed Hagen into the corner room and saw Don Corleone sitting in front of the wide writing desk. Sonny Corleone stood by the window, looking at the garden. This afternoon, Tang looked so cold for the first time. He didn’t hug or shake hands with the guests. The gray-faced funeral home owner was able to get the invitation only because his wife and Tang’s wife were good friends. Don Corleone is very disgusted with Amerigo Bonner Serra.

Bonner Serra’s opening remarks were ingenious and ingenious: “Please forgive my daughter, your wife’s goddaughter, she can’t visit the door in person today. I pay respect because she has not been discharged.” He glanced at Sonny Ko Lyon and Tom Hagen glanced, suggesting that he didn’t want to speak in front of them, but Tang’s heart was not soft.

“We all know what happened to your daughter,” Don Corleone said. “If I can help you, you can speak. My wife is her godmother after all. I can’t forget this honor.” This is a rebuke, because the owner of the funeral home never abides by the custom and calls Tang the “Godfather”.

Bonassella looked disappointed and said bluntly, “Can I talk to you alone?”

Don Corleone shook his head. “These two are people I am willing to entrust my life with. They are my two right arms. I can’t send them away, that would be too insulting.”

The owner of the funeral home closed his eyes, and after a few seconds, began to tell the story. His voice is very quiet, this is the voice he used to comfort the family of the deceased. “I raise my daughter in accordance with American habits. I believe in the United States. The United States helps me make a fortune. I give my daughter freedom, but also teach her not to shame her family. She found a so called ‘boyfriend’, who is not Italian.

She and him Watching a movie and going home late, but she has never seen his parents. I accepted all this, there was no objection, it blamed me. Two months ago, he took her to the movies, he also brought a partner, The two lied to her to drink whiskey in an attempt to take advantage of her. She rose up to resist and kept her virginity, but was beaten by them like a beast. I rushed to the hospital. She had two dark circles under her eyes, her nose was broken, and her jaw was comminuted fractured. The doctor had to use a wire hoop. She cried in pain:’Dad, Dad, why do they do that? Why do they treat me like that?’ I cried too.” Bonassella couldn’t say anything. He was always in tears, but his voice showed no emotion.

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