Escape from Marriage 100 Days: Sweet Wife Steals a Treasure

Gu Xingshen! Your sister grabbed my man, you helped your sister grab my man! Your family is not anything good!
“My sister owes you, I will pay you.” “How will you pay for it!”
“…” Later, this guy not only lost himself, but also included a little sticky bun……
Title: Escape from Marriage 100 Days: Sweet Wife Steals a Treasure
Alternative name: 逃婚100天:甜妻偷生一个宝
Author: Jiong Jiong You Yao
Genre: Drama, Josei, Psychological, Romance
Release: N/A
Page(Chapter): 590 Chapters Completed
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“Xiao Qiao.”

“Well…” Gong Xiao Qiao responded confusedly.

“I miss you.”

“Ah…” Gong Xiaoqiao was shocked! Did she get it right?

“Want to see you.”

“Ah…?!” Gong Xiaoqiao awakened abruptly after finishing, “Now?!”


“Uncle, what time is this! I see… three o’clock in the morning! Don’t toss I don’t?” Gong Xiaoqiao was up and down, did Gu Xingshen take the wrong medicine? Actually said miss her? !

“Within ten minutes, you come over, or I will pick you up.”

“Gu Xingshen! You are ruthless!”

Gong Xiaoqiao lying on the bed with his eyes closed, Dan Tian sullen for thirty seconds, and finally resisted the urge to roar upward. , Turned over and sat up, dressed up neatly and got up.

Jerk! She said something inexplicable in the middle of the night frightened her.

Gong Xiaoqiao rushed to the apartment all the way.

Preparing to take the key to open the door, but a stumble was tripped by an unknown object.

“Hiss, it hurts me! Something…”

Gong Xiaoqiao flashed a flashlight, and that “thing” was the Gu Xingshen who was nervous in the middle of the night.

“It turns out it’s not something…” Gong Xiaoqiao mumbled up.

“Hey! Gu Xingshen, what the hell are you doing, don’t go in the middle of the night and lie at the door?” Gong Xiaoqiao kicked him angrily.

If Gu Xingshen was sober at this time, she would not dare to touch him with a hair by her ten guts, but drunk! It is used for revenge and revenge.

Just thinking about kicking a few more feet to vent his anger, Gu Xingshen suddenly opened his eyes, and his clear eyes were not drunk. Gong Xiaoqiao was startled and hurriedly withdrew his feet, “Hey, you woke up… why don’t you go to sleep Ah! It’s so cold and careful to catch a cold!”

“No key.” Gu Xingshen said calmly, without a sense of guilt.

“No key?! Then you said you missed me and wanted to see me! I ran over the window at the risk of being bitten by a dog in the middle of the night!” Gong Xiaoqiao jumped like thunder.

“You didn’t wake up, you heard the wrong word.”

“I… I heard the wrong word?” Being played again, Gong Xiaoqiao scratched the wall vomitingly.

“Help me get up.” Gu Xingshen rubbed his forehead.

This bastard is really taken for granted!

Gong Xiaoqiao glared at him angrily, “The key is for you, I’m gone!”

As a result, as soon as I turned around, I heard a painful moan from behind.

The man bent a long leg against the wall, leaning tiredly against the wall, frowning, seemingly uncomfortable…

I was so mad, I just strangled him a hundred!

Gong Xiaoqiao thought so, and finally helped him into the house.

He was exhausted when he was lifted onto the bed, and he was about to get up to get some water, but he caught his waist and pressed it back unexpectedly.

She held her hands against his chest and couldn’t move. “Gu Xingshen, what are you crazy about?”

Gu Xingshen closed her eyes and seemed to be asleep, her expression was very soft, not as cold as usual, thin lips slightly pursed The long eyelashes leave a row of lovely silhouettes. Although I don’t want to admit it, it really is… beautiful!

However, compared to his innocent face, his hand was really sloppy.



“I’ll bite you again!”

“I really bite!”

“Tell you I was just bitten by a dog!”

Didn’t wait for Gong Xiaoqiao to sigh, Gu Xingshen had already The poison was caught on the back of her head.

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