The Judges Chronicles: The Fairytale Slave (Book 6)

The Judges Chronicles takes a new turn as a young child named Esta finds herself on a remarkable journey: The Child Trade (an abominable practice of selling children) has become world law. Its wickedness has even extended to Shavron by the corrupt leader, Ursus. Esta ,an orphan, is sold by her uncle in the trade. She is quickly taken from Shavron to the land of Chetz to be sold to the highest buyer. But she carries with her a very special story that not only will change the land of Chetz, but the entire world.Geared toward the young and young at heart, “The Fairytale Slave” is a delight of the power of God and the power of the Gospel.

The Child Trade
It was a sunny morning in Shavron which summed up most of the spring season in the land. Many of the Shavronites were just waking up to start the day of labor and trading. Among the Shavronites were two creatures: one pulling the other by the hand as if they were late for a meeting. A young pup and his step-mother traveled quickly down into the grand shipyard where the crowds and horse drawn carriages came zipping by without concern for any innocent pedestrians. It was important to keep their wits about them, for
the busy dock rarely allowed a mistake. The youngster kept his senses alert as
carriages towered over him. The child’s step mother quickly took hold of his hand the second time, with more of a grip, as not to lose it again. She guided him through the crowd in earnest of the goal. He was pulled with such aggression and force that the child wondered why he was hurried in such a manner, after all he was going on a vacation.
Title: The Judges Chronicles: The Fairytale Slave (Book 6)
Alternative name:
Author: Terdell Lee Johnson
Genre: Youth Books
Release: 2018
Page: 56
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