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7-11 love

7-11 love
Other names: 7-11之恋
Author: Tsai Chih-heng
Genre: Urban Novels
Release: Updating
Status: Ongoing


Cai is an artist who writes lyrics, composes, writes novels, and makes documentaries. He goes out day and night. Before going to bed every morning, he would go to 7-11 on the street corner to buy a can of milk and rice balls for breakfast, and his life was stable and regular. Life changes start from breaking the piggy bank inadvertently. Piles of coins played the matching game on their own. Each breakfast is 32 yuan, 2 10 yuan, 2 5 yuan, 2 1 yuan, every morning on the 7-11 trip, he can play for 5 weeks. The one who shared the breakfast secret with Cai was the 7-11 clerk Xiaofeng. His rules have become her habit, two 10 yuan, two 5 yuan, two 1 yuan, 10:30 every morning, if two people have seemingly intimacy.


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