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You’ll die if you don’t fall in love with the rich and powerful

You’ll die if you don’t fall in love with the rich and powerful
Other names: 不和豪门大佬恋爱就会死
Author: Helan Yang Yang
Genre: romance
Release: Updating
Status: Ongoing


Once killed by others, Nan Qiao was reborn as a small singer in the 18th line of China.

On the first day of rebirth, the rich and powerful Huo Yunxiang sent her to the door.

You will die if you don’t fall in love with this man.

Nan Qiao didn’t believe in evil and would never follow it.

Even with Huo Sanshao’s (The third youth master) various routines, the superior became a boyfriend.

Nan Qiao also broke up. After a month of breaking up, Nan Qiao suddenly became ill and dying. It turns out…If you don’t fall in love with a big boss, you will really die.


Chapter 1 A man named Huo Yunxiang
Chapter 2 The Nobles Hit
Chapter 3 The Frog Prince or the Sleeping Beauty
Chapter 4 I am your savior
Chapter 5 Isn’t that your first kiss?
Chapter 6 let him agree
Chapter 7 You took away my first kiss
Chapter 8 What a miserable woman
Chapter 9 can be considered
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