Three years later, or in the distant future, when people recall the glory of the 1990’s rock music, Hollywood film brilliant, whether it will mention such a name, “Hugo – Lancaster”, and whether Sigh again and again,

“I think that year, I experienced Hugo creating a miracle of that era.” On January 14, 1992, Hugo – Lancaster in the twelfth Golden Raspberry Award was in tears while receiving his first worst actor award. From there on,he became the first person to receive the Golden Raspberry Award on the scene for his character,leaving an indelible mark on the annals of history.

However, since then, Hugo has embarked on a very different path, opened his enough to be included in the annals of life. His name is destined to become music history and film history, the most shining of a sign. Rock and roll in 1993, the film masterpiece gathered in 1994, Hugo – Lancaster’s name, impressively became one of the members can not be ignored.
Title: Superstar
Alternative name: – 巨星
Author: 七七家d猫猫
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Psychological, Romance, Slice of Life
Release: 2015
Page(Chapter): Chapter 2182 (Completed)
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Categories: All Novel, Fantasy1, Romance

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