Witty Treasure: Turn a Mommy and Take Home

In a design, she reluctantly gave birth to a child for a strange man. I thought there would be no intersection. Five years later, he entered her life strongly, “Women, want to run after being flirted? No way!” The genius little devil god assisted, “Mommy, I’m going to marry for Daddy, you are NO. 1!” With a mobile phone, Zhimengbao and a black-bellied husband, Han Ruo’s eyes peached, “I am too happy too!”
Title: Witty Treasure: Turn a Mommy and Take Home
Alternative name: 拐个妈咪带回家
Author: Nine-Tailed Fox
Genre: Novels, Urban Romance
Release: N/A
Page(Chapter): 971
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Mid-levels luxury residential area.

“Hello, my name is Han Ruo.” The woman stood in the hall, her hands tense and folded. She came to apply for a nanny, and the employer was the father of her biological son. And what she has to take care of is the child she gave birth to after nine deaths and was taken away.

“Yeah.” The man flipped through the information, raised his eyes, and looked at the woman in front of him carefully. Han Ruo had already covered up her previous appearance, with a pair of old-fashioned black-framed glasses on the bridge of her nose, and a plain face was plain.

“If you want to successfully apply for this position, there is only one condition, that is, let the young master accept you and be willing to let you stay.” The
man’s voice was light and his handsome face was cold and gloomy.
Han Ruo nodded quickly, “Yes, I understand.”

She was so nervous that her palms were sweating when she saw her own son who had been taken away from birth.

The man stood up, his height of 1.89 meters was strong and mighty, with invisible coercion, which made Han Ruo subconsciously take a step back.
“Heh.” The corner of the man’s lips twitched, and his smiley eyes showed mockery: “Timid stupid woman, I’m afraid I won’t stay long.”
“…” He was scolded inexplicably, and Han Ruo’s fingers were rooted. Tighten, the knuckles have turned white.

She was about to refute, and the next moment, a delicate voice suddenly sounded: “Zicong.” The woman walked in from the door, her sharp eyes fixed on Han Ruo’s plain face, her eyes became gentle, no Hostile, with a pleasant voice: “Who is this?”
Han Ruo was also looking at the other party, surprise flashed in his eyes.

This is Mo Zicong’s girlfriend, most likely her son’s future stepmother?
“Beichen’s nanny.”

Mo Zicong’s eyes fell on the woman, rare and gentle: “Why are you here, I originally planned to pick you up?””I sent the laptop to Beichen by the way. You know, he is a tech fan who likes this kind of electronic products the most. He will be very anxious after a while.” The man wrinkled his brows . Follow him.”

Su Anran smiled brightly: “No, if I can really please Beichen, I am willing to do anything. You take it to him, don’t tell him I sent it, or he will smash it again.”
“You Ah.” Mo Zicong shook his head, holding the laptop, suddenly turned around and handed it to Han Ruo.

“If Beichen can accept this computer and agree to let you stay, you can act as a nanny.”

“Be careful, Beichen is very grumpy, don’t let him hurt you.” Su Anran is concerned. Exhort.

“Okay, thank Miss Su for your concern.”

Han Ruo held the laptop and responded politely…

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